10 best musical movies to make you sing

In musicals, the songs performed by the characters are woven into the story to advance the storyline or shape the characters. Disney musicals are currently the best known. Disney musicals have a rich and illustrious history that includes some of the most famous musical numbers to ever appear in movies, including animated and live-action remakes of these timeless classics.

The newest addition to this long list of Disney musicals is Pinocchio. Italian author Carlo Collodi’s iconic children’s book The Adventures of Pinocchio, published in 1883, inspired Robert Zemeckis’ fantasy film. The film is a live-action recreation of the same Disney animated image from 1940. The release date was September 8, 2022 on Disney+.

The narrative centers on the titular Pinocchio (voiced by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth), a wooden puppet made by Geppetto (played by Tom Hanks), a childless woodcarver who longs for Pinocchio to become a real boy. The Blue Fairy, portrayed by Cynthia Erivo, visits her shop after hearing her wish and brings the puppet to life.

Pinocchio is raised by Geppetto as if he were his son, but he soon finds himself beginning a coming-of-age adventure to discover what it is to be selfless, brave, and true.

Before watching Pinocchio, check out these other outstanding musical films:

10. Grease (1978)

Randal Kleiser’s “50s high school musical” mega-hit is a vast improvement over its stage counterpart entirely thanks to the million-watt, time-capsule-worthy performances of protagonists John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John . By far one of the best shows of its kind, Grease LIVE! on Fox with Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit and Vanessa Hudgens is a fun surprise.

9. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A larger-than-life Tim Curry as Dr. Frank N. Furter and irresistible pop melodies are the basis of 20th Century Fox’s pleasantly weird and affably bawdy blockbuster, which is still playing in select theaters after nearly five decades. Richard O’Brien’s well-known musical homage to 1950s schlock is a timeless, cross-generational anthem to sexual exploration. The ultimate cult classic and the longest running movie in history is this one.

8. La La Terre (2016)

The Earth

Angry critics slammed La La Land for technically equating it negatively to the classic musicals it sometimes references. It’s irrelevant because La La Land deftly combines contemporary showbiz melodrama, joyous flashback, and a gripping love story. La La Land is many things, which makes it his unique creation.

The love story is the key message of the critically acclaimed adaptation of Damien Chazelle’s vintage musical. It’s one for the ages, to put it mildly. It’s a kind of love tale we’ve never seen in theaters before, at least not done effectively. It is strongly written and delivered. It centers on two talented people (Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone), who are hugely ambitious and essentially defined by their lofty aspirations, but who genuinely see and support each other. To the detriment of their relationship, dreams come true. You can’t ignore the picture’s gloss levels, love it or hate it.

7. Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Red Mill!

The genius of Moulin Rouge! — and this musical theatrical tragicomedy has a certain genius — is that it is a successful musical feature film. Each emotion is played out at around 18 on a scale of one to ten, but thanks to creative and lightning-fast editing, assured direction by Baz Luhrmann and brilliant performances by Ewan McGregor, Jim Broadbent and Nicole Kidman ( who received his first Oscar nomination), impossible not to be enchanted. When you succumb to its charms, Moulin Rouge! transports you. Plus, it ages gracefully.

6. All That Jazz (1979)

And all that

Roy Scheider gave the performance of his career in the semi-autobiographical drama by Bob Fosse, mainly influenced by the period of his career when he was simultaneously editing the feature film Lenny and directing Chicago on Broadway, a year after making the forgettable appearance of Jaws 2 of obligation. Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor for Scheider are among the nine Oscar nominations.

5. The Sound of Music (1965)

The sound of music

Family favorites around the world continue to watch Robert Wise’s musical epic, which was once the highest-grossing film of all time. For many, it has become a yearly habit. The audience’s favorite rebel is Julie Andrews, and Christopher Plummer plays the broken-winged widower who gradually falls in love with her flirtatious ways. Their duet, “Something Good,” is the heartbeat and most moving scene of this panoramic wonder.

4. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

The Wizard of Oz

MGM and Victor Fleming’s musical fantasy is an enduring masterpiece that just doesn’t get better with time thanks to its engaging, colorful characters and vibrant performances (how amazing is Judy Garland here? !), its timeless humor, thrill and tenderness, as well as its classical music, which may include the greatest song of the 20th century.

It’s no surprise that this film had the most views according to the Library of Congress. To say it’s the greatest family-friendly fantasy film ever made isn’t overly dramatic. The Wizard of Oz is the film we most look forward to showing future generations because it is thrilling, moving and heartfelt.

3. West Side Story (1961 and 2021)

West Side Story

The most lauded musical in Oscar history is Robert Wise’s gripping story of cursed street gang lovers (10 wins including Best Picture). If there’s a weakness in that, it’s that supporting cast Rita Moreno and George Chakiris always steal the show.

Following its debut, Steven Spielberg’s long-awaited adaptation drew a significant amount of buzz during awards season. It turns out that West Side Story is the biggest cinematic surprise of the year. While not perfect, the same can be said of the original. With star-studded and highly acclaimed performances from Rachel Zegler and Ariana DeBose, it’s above all exciting. Spielberg’s best film since Minority Report, released two decades ago. No one in the impressive cast gives a subpar performance, but Mike Faist as Riff stands out as the most powerful example. Phenomenal.

2. Cabaret (1972)


Cabaret is perhaps the best aging film on my list. Released the same year as The Godfather, Bob Fosse’s grounded yet electrifying historical musical holds the record for the most Oscar nominations for a film that didn’t win Best Picture. Cabaret, a historical portrait of a city where gloom and fear stretch their claws far and wide… and where sometimes discouraged prostitutes sing pretty songs, has greatly benefited from the passage of time. Two of the eight Cabaret Oscars won were for Best Supporting Actor Joel Gray and Best Actress Liza Minelli, both for outstanding performances.

1. Singing in the Rain (1952)

Sing in the rain

You didn’t think we’d choose Cats, did you? Many people consider Stanley Donen’s MGM musical extravaganza to be the greatest musical ever created. A showbiz rom-com starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Jean Hagen is set in the memorable start of the Walkie Talkies. The subtlety and physicality of the dance sequences continue to amaze viewers, and the script, written by Adolph Green and Betty Comden, is one of the cleverest and most memorable in all of cinema. The final swoon-worthy seconds (“Arrest that girl!”) will still have your heart racing.

In musicals, the songs performed by the characters are woven into the story to advance the storyline or shape the characters. Disney musicals are currently the best known. Disney musicals have a rich and illustrious history that includes some of the most famous musical numbers to ever appear in movies, including animated and live-action remakes of these timeless classics.

The challenges that the greatest movie musicals have faced are as varied as the styles and preferences of their creators. This is partly because its fusion of at least two creative forms – always music and film, but sometimes dance – requires an exceptionally high level of multifaceted talent from those who attempt its complexity.

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