10 Non-Musical Movies That Would Make Great Musicals, According To Reddit

There have been countless beloved musical films over the years, from The sound of music recent successes like tick, tick… Boom! But there may be non-musical films that could have worked in the genre just as well if not better.

Fans on Reddit have identified some of their favorite movies they’d like to see a musical version of. It’s a fun collection of very diverse offerings ranging from intense horror movies to dark comedies to superhero adventures. And while they work great as is, they could be improved with a few musical numbers.


ten Sicario (2015)

Kate points a gun at someone

The Thriller Sicario is a breathtaking ride from director Denis Villeneuve. It stars Emily Blunt as an FBI agent who is involved in a covert operation that breaks all the rules to take on a violent drug cartel.

The film is filled with intense moments of unsettling calm that are occasionally interrupted by grounded and violent sequences. Some fans think this approach is perfect for a musical, as Redditor Aussie-Nerd imagined “with serious songs in big ‘action’ and occasionally introspective bits.”

9 A Quiet Place (2018)

The idea of ​​a movie that revolves around silence turned into a musical sounds immediately fun, but it’s not a bad idea. A silent place is a formidable alien invasion film in which deadly enemies stalk their prey through sound.

The musical version of the story could still keep the desperate need for silence central to it while using the music. Redditor TheTrueRory explained it as “imagine it as a ballet where everything is moving instead of singing.”

8 The Warriors (1979)

The Warriors gang in The Warriors

The action movie classic The Warriors follows the titular street gang. While witnessing a gathering of rival gangs in the center of town, the Warriors are falsely accused of killing the leader, forcing them back to their territory as the various colored gangs descend on them.

From the extravagant matching outfits of the various gangs to their own distinct gadgets, it’s not hard to imagine how excitingly this could be achieved. Reddit editor daniellediamond found the suggestion very appealing, saying they “didn’t know I needed it until now.”

seven Hulk (2003)

Eric Bana in Hulk 2003

While there have been plenty of great Hulk stories in the comics, Marvel’s hero hasn’t had the best of luck with his solo movies. Ang Lee first attempted to bring the character to the big screen in 2003 Pontoonbut it was not adopted by the public.

Oddly enough, it may have been a musical version of the material that would have suited the Hulk better. Reddit ClementineCarson envisioned the character as “perfect for a Jekyll and Hyde-esque musical”.

6 Love Stuffed with Punch (2002)

by Paul Thomas Anderson love stuffed with punch was one of the first movies to convince audiences that Adam Sandler had some serious acting skills outside of his typical comedies. The film is an offbeat love story about a shy, troubled man who falls in love with one of his sister’s friends.

There’s already a somewhat whimsical approach to the story that makes it feel like it’s already not far off from a musical. In fact, a Redditor pointed out that Anderson described the movie “like a musical but with all the musical numbers cut out.”

5 In Bruges (2008)

Ken and Ray point guns at the latter at In Bruges

black comedy In Brugge stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as two hitmen who are forced into hiding in the titular Belgian city after a job goes wrong. It’s a violent film that deals with heavy subject matter, but it’s also hilarious with so many laugh-out-loud moments.

Perhaps this mix of tones is partly why some fans think In Brugge could also have supported a musical aspect. Redditor boogiefoot thought it “would make a hilarious and sarcastic musical”.

4 Predator (1987)

The classic 80s action-horror flick Predator gets a prequel with Prey, but some fans think a musical version of the story is even more interesting. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the leader of a military unit who finds himself the target of an alien who hunts his prey for sport.

With the set’s fun characters and the movie’s jungle setting, there’s a lot of potential for a fun and wild musical take on Predator. Redditor Max_Thunder also admitted that “it would be awesome to hear the alien sing.”

3 Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Avengers 4 Endgame Portals Scene

There’s been a great use of songs in the MCU over the years, but the cinematic universe has yet to commit to a full-fledged musical. Some think the greatest MCU movie Avengers: Endgame would have been the perfect opportunity.

As the remaining heroes come together to try and undo the Thanos cliché, it might be interesting to see them sing songs about Infinity Stones and time travel. And a Redditor suggested that with so many characters, the movie “could benefit a lot from being a musical.”

2 Batman (1989)

Michael Keaton as Batman in 1989.

Long before superhero movies were mainstream in Hollywood, Tim Burton Batman was a hit take on a classic comic book character with a slick approach. Decades later, Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson’s versions of Batman and Joker remain fan favorites.

While Schumacher’s Batman films that followed offered a more colorful and light-hearted version, fans feel Burton’s style is fitting for a musical. Redditor greenteaarizona_ found that the film’s style could offer “a half-gothic, half-prince rock opera.”

1 Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010)

michael cera scott pilgrim against the world holding sword

Based on the popular comic book series, Scott Pilgrim vs the world is a fun action comedy starring Michael Cera as the titular hero. Scott Pilgrim is a young man living in Toronto who falls in love with a girl but finds he must defeat his seven evil exes to be with her.

Edgar Wright brings his usual style and sharp comedic sensibilities to the film which is filled with outrageous and over-the-top footage. Redditor RechargedFrenchman felt the tone would work as well as a musical while “keeping the heavy 80s and early 90s nostalgia factor”.

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