100 Best Musical Movies of All Time


If you’ve got a song in your heart, we’ve got a list for your eyes: The best-reviewed musicals from Wizard of Oz to La La Land! With Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights finally making the leap from Broadway to screen, we’ve put together 100 showstoppers that’s all-singing, all-dancing!

Every expression of the musical movie is present in this cavalcade of the 100 best-reviewed: the classics (All That Jazz, The Sound of Music), the mostly moderns (La La Land, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Mary Poppins Returns), the MGMs (Singin’ in the Rain, An American in Paris), the Astaire & Rogers (Top Hat, Swing Time), intimate indies (Once, Dancer in the Dark), and stuff for the kids (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). We kept this countdown to live-action musicals, so nothing animated except for the partially so, like Mary Poppins.

And we picked movies where people break into song and dance, not ones where they just perform music; in other words, Crazy Heart, Bohemian Rhapsody, and the 2018 A Star Is Born don’t work for this list, but the Judy Garland A Star Is Born does.

Other than that, if the film was Fresh after 20 reviews with some light feet and golden voices whose songs are key drivers of the plot, it was up for inclusion. After that, we ranked them all by Adjusted Tomatometer.

And now it’s time for the big showstopper: The 100 Best Musical Movies of All Time!


Adjusted Score: 71881%

Critics Consensus: Earth Girls Are Easy is messy, silly, and not particularly bright — qualities it comes by honestly and deliberately.

Synopsis: Valley girls (Geena Davis, Julie Brown) cruise Southern California with Mac (Jeff Goldblum), Wiploc and Zebo from the planet Jhazzala…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 80067%

Critics Consensus: Breezy, colorful, and suffused with joy, Hipsters offers audiences an engaging Cold War musical told from the other side of the Iron Curtain.


Adjusted Score: 71572%

Critics Consensus: Dark and vulgar, Meet the Feebles is a backstage comedy featuring puppets that offers proof of Peter Jackson’s taste for sheer outrageousness, even if it often lapses into pure juvenilia.

Synopsis: Fame-seeking members of the animal kingdom experience the sleazier side of show business in this puppet-filled parody…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 72645%

Critics Consensus: Tommy is as erratic and propulsive as a game of pinball, incorporating The Who’s songs into an irreverent odyssey with the visual imagination that only director Ken Russell can conjure.

Synopsis: The Who’s rock opera follows a mute, deaf and blind, boy (Roger Daltrey) who becomes a pinball wizard…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 73950%

Critics Consensus: Dancer in Dark can be grim, dull, and difficult to watch, but even so, it has a powerful and moving performance from Bjork and is something quite new and visionary.

Synopsis: A young mother (Björk) hides her diminishing sight from her co-workers and the director of the musical in which she… [More]


Adjusted Score: 74230%

Critics Consensus: Purple Rain makes for undeniably uneven cinema, but it’s held together by its star’s singular charisma — not to mention a slew of classic songs.

Synopsis: The Kid (Prince) fights his rival (Morris Day) for a singer (Apollonia Kotero) and Minneapolis rock-club success…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 76949%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz (The Monkees) have a psychedelic free-for-all…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 77536%

Critics Consensus: John Waters’ musical ode to the teen rebel genre is infectious and gleefully camp, providing star Johnny Depp with the perfect vehicle in which to lampoon his pin-up image.

Synopsis: A prim and proper schoolgirl goes against her mother’s wishes when she dates a motorcycle-riding juvenile delinquent…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 74677%

Critics Consensus: The Great Muppet Caper is overplotted and uneven, but the appealing presence of Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang ensure that this heist flick is always breezily watchable.

Synopsis: Reporter Kermit the Frog covers a London jewel robbery blamed on Miss Piggy by a fashion magnate’s brother….. [More]


Adjusted Score: 78087%

Critics Consensus: While it’s arguably more interesting on a visual level, Labyrinth provides further proof of director Jim Henson’s boundless imagination.

Synopsis: Teenage Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) journeys through a maze to recover her baby brother (Toby Froud) from a goblin king (David… [More]


Adjusted Score: 77138%

Critics Consensus: The Wayward Cloud may baffle more literally minded viewers, but its surreal pleasures will resonate with fans of thoroughly unique cinema.

Synopsis: Hsiao-Kang reunites with Shiang-chyi during a water shortage…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 82509%

Critics Consensus: Yesterday may fall short of fab, but the end result is still a sweetly charming fantasy with an intriguing — albeit somewhat under-explored — premise.

Synopsis: After a worldwide power outage, struggling musician Jack Malik wakes up to discover that no one has ever heard of… [More]


Adjusted Score: 79098%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: A sultry plant worker (Dorothy Dandridge) drives a wartime soldier (Harry Belafonte) to murder in Jacksonville, Fla…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 80507%

Critics Consensus: It may not be the finest version of Charles Dickens’ tale to grace the screen, but The Muppet Christmas Carol is funny and heartwarming, and serves as a good introduction to the story for young viewers.

Synopsis: Kermit, Miss Piggy and friends play Dickens characters as Scrooge (Michael Caine) meets the spirits of Christmases past, present and… [More]


Adjusted Score: 80873%

Critics Consensus: Impeccably mounted but occasionally bombastic, Les Misérables largely succeeds thanks to bravura performances from its distinguished cast.

Synopsis: In 19th-century France, ex-prisoner Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman), pursued for many years by ruthless policeman Javert (Russell Crowe), agrees to… [More]


Adjusted Score: 81922%

Critics Consensus: On the whole, this Disney adaptation of the Sondheim classic sits comfortably at the corner of Hollywood and Broadway — even if it darkens to its detriment in the final act.

Synopsis: A baker (James Corden) and his wife (Emily Blunt) venture into a magical forest to find the ingredients that will… [More]


Adjusted Score: 81414%

Critics Consensus: A likable, infectious musical, Woody Allen’s Everyone Says I Love You is sometimes uneven but always toe-tapping and fun.

Synopsis: A privileged New Yorker plays Cupid for her dad (Woody Allen) while her engaged half sister (Drew Barrymore) woos a… [More]


Adjusted Score: 83614%

Critics Consensus: Too over the top for its own good, but ultimately rescued by the cast’s charm, director John Landis’ grace, and several soul-stirring musical numbers.

Synopsis: Joliet Jake (John Belushi) and Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd), brothers on a mission from God, bomb around Chicago in an… [More]


Adjusted Score: 81055%

Critics Consensus: It may be too sweet for some, but this unabashedly sentimental holiday favorite is too cheerful to resist.

Synopsis: Former Army buddies (Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye) put on a show with a sister act to save their general’s hotel… [More]


Adjusted Score: 80775%

Critics Consensus: Guy Maddin perfectly recreates the look and feel of a 1930s in this bizarre picture.

Synopsis: During the Great Depression, a beer baroness (Isabella Rossellini) holds a competition to find the saddest music in the world…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 82481%

Critics Consensus: The Jazz Singer‘s synchronized dialogue marks a milestone for cinema, but apart from Al Jolson’s performance, this is a rather ordinary story made noteworthy by its technical wonders.

Synopsis: Cantor’s (Warner Oland) son Jakie Rabinowitz (Al Jolson) changes his name to Jack Robin and works his way to Broadway…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 82873%

Critics Consensus: Featuring some of the best French actresses working today, 8 Women is frothy, delirious, over-the-top fun.

Synopsis: After her husband’s murder, a woman (Catherine Deneuve), her daughter, two maids and other family members must determine who the… [More]


Adjusted Score: 84029%

Critics Consensus: Grease is a pleasing, energetic musical with infectiously catchy songs and an ode to young love that never gets old.

Synopsis: Nice Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and greaser Danny (John Travolta) try to be like each other in their 1950s high school…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 84025%

Critics Consensus: A love-it-or-hate-it experience, Moulin Rouge is all style, all giddy, over-the-top spectacle. But it’s also daring in its vision and wildly original.

Synopsis: In 1890s France a courtesan (Nicole Kidman) falls in love with a young writer (Ewan McGregor) but strings along a… [More]


Adjusted Score: 82231%

Critics Consensus: Rocky Horror Picture Show brings its quirky characters in tight, but it’s the narrative thrust that really drives audiences insane and keeps ’em doing the time warp again.

Synopsis: Square Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon) are stranded at Dr. Frank N. Furter’s (Tim Curry) mansion with weirdos… [More]


Adjusted Score: 84233%

Critics Consensus: A complicated little musical, Pennies from Heaven is a dazzling, tragic spectacle.

Synopsis: A sheet-music salesman (Steve Martin) escapes his wife, girlfriend (Bernadette Peters) and the Depression through his songs…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 84670%

Critics Consensus: If it’s not quite as sharp as The Muppet Movie, The Muppets Take Manhattan is still a smart, delightfully old-fashioned tale that follows the formula established by the first two movies — a madcap adventure assisted by a huge group of human stars.

Synopsis: Kermit and company try to take their variety show to Broadway, while Miss Piggy grows jealous of a friendly waitress…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 82755%

Critics Consensus: Delightfully bizarre, Bugsy Malone harnesses immense charm from its cast of child actors playing wise guys with precocious pluck.

Synopsis: Fat Sam (John Cassisi), Bugsy (Scott Baio) and Tallulah (Jodie Foster) are kids playing adults in Roaring ’20s New York…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 86010%

Critics Consensus: It has aged somewhat awkwardly, but the performances are inspired, the songs are memorable, and the film is undeniably influential.

Synopsis: Dickens’ Oliver Twist (Mark Lester) goes from parish boy to Fagin’s (Ron Moody) pickpocketing school to the clutches of murderous… [More]


Adjusted Score: 84500%

Critics Consensus: Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald are eminently likable, and film is pleasantly sentimental, but Going My Way suffers from a surplus of sweetness.

Synopsis: Singing Father O’Malley (Bing Crosby) bails out crusty Father Fitzgibbon’s (Barry Fitzgerald) financially strapped parish…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 86138%

Critics Consensus: Dreamgirls‘ simple characters and plot hardly detract from the movie’s real feats: the electrifying performances and the dazzling musical numbers.

Synopsis: After an ambitious manager (Jamie Foxx) gives them a shot at stardom, three singers learn that fame can carry a… [More]


Adjusted Score: 86097%

Critics Consensus: It may not be one of Vincente Minnelli’s best, but the charming and flawlessly acted Gigi still offers enough visual and musical treats to satisfy.

Synopsis: An heir (Louis Jourdan) finds that he wants to marry the teen (Leslie Caron) groomed to be his mistress in… [More]


Adjusted Score: 86010%

Critics Consensus: Just because Fame is a well-acted musical doesn’t mean it flinches against its surprisingly heavy topics.

Synopsis: Leroy, Coco (Irene Cara), Bruno (Lee Curreri) and others of mixed talents and means attend New York’s High School of… [More]


Adjusted Score: 86977%

Critics Consensus: A bird may love a fish — and musical fans will love this adaptation of Fiddler on the Roof, even if it isn’t quite as transcendent as the long-running stage version.

Synopsis: A poor Jewish milkman (Topol) and his wife (Norma Crane) try to marry off their five daughters in czarist Russia…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 88609%

Critics Consensus: Chi-Raq is as urgently topical and satisfyingly ambitious as it is wildly uneven — and it contains some of Spike Lee’s smartest, sharpest, and all-around entertaining late-period work.

Synopsis: The girlfriend (Teyonah Parris) of a Chicago gang leader (Nick Cannon) persuades other frustrated women to abstain from sex until… [More]


Adjusted Score: 89032%

Critics Consensus: With an enchanting cast, beautifully crafted songs, and a painterly eye for detail, Beauty and the Beast offers a faithful yet fresh retelling that honors its beloved source material.

Synopsis: In this live-action re-imagining of the fairy tale, a young woman (Emma Watson) takes her father’s place as prisoner in… [More]


Adjusted Score: 88315%

Critics Consensus: Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life is rude, ribald, and unafraid to take comedic risks — which is to say it should more than satisfy fans of the titular troupe.

Synopsis: The British troupe’s (Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam) sketches include gluttony, birth control and total insignificance…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 89704%

Critics Consensus: While it may not reach the delirious heights of The Muppets, Muppets Most Wanted still packs in enough clever gags, catchy songs, and celebrity cameos to satisfy fans of all ages.

Synopsis: During a world tour, the Muppets become entangled in an international crime caper masterminded by a dead ringer for Kermit… [More]


Adjusted Score: 88446%

Critics Consensus: Ann-Margret keeps Elvis on his toes and together they elevate Viva Las Vegas into a naughty and rockin’ mild delight.

Synopsis: A swimming instructor (Ann-Margret) detours a singing auto racer (Elvis Presley) in town for the Grand Prix…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 88906%

Critics Consensus: Brian De Palma’s subversive streak is on full display in Phantom of the Paradise, an ebullient rock opera that rhapsodizes creativity when it isn’t seething with disdain for the music industry.

Synopsis: A scarred rock-opera composer (William Finley) attacks a music mogul (Paul Williams) who has made a deal with the devil…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 90442%

Critics Consensus: Director Bob Fosse and star Roy Scheider are at the top of their games in this dazzling, self-aware stage drama about a death-obsessed director-choreographer.

Synopsis: A Broadway choreographer (Roy Scheider) chain-smokes, pops pills and overworks his way to open-heart surgery…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 88866%

Critics Consensus: Spiritedly performed by a groovy cast and imaginatively directed by Milos Forman, Hair transports audiences straight to the Age of Aquarius.

Synopsis: An Oklahoman (John Savage) bound for Vietnam falls in love with a New York debutante (Beverly D’Angelo) and discovers the… [More]


Adjusted Score: 90781%

Critics Consensus: Buoyed by crowd-pleasing tunes and charming performances, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers makes a successful transition from Broadway to screen that’s sure to please the whole family.

Synopsis: When an Oregon trapper (Howard Keel) decides to marry, his six rowdy brothers aim to follow suit, though not one… [More]


Adjusted Score: 90873%

Critics Consensus: Aye-yip-aye-yo-ee-ay! The critics are sayin’ you’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma! Oklahoma, O.K.!

Synopsis: Cowboy Curly (Gordon MacRae) loves Laurey (Shirley Jones) despite hired hand Jud Fry (Rod Steiger). Rodgers and Hammerstein songs include… [More]


Adjusted Score: 92702%

Critics Consensus: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again doubles down on just about everything fans loved about the original — and my my, how can fans resist it?

Synopsis: In 1979 Donna falls in love with Sam while embarking on a series of adventures throughout Europe. In the present… [More]


Adjusted Score: 91092%

Critics Consensus: Help! finds the Fab Four displaying their infectious charm and humor in an enjoyably madcap adventure.

Synopsis: John, Paul, George and Ringo (The Beatles) are chased by religious zealots (Leo McKern, Eleanor Bron) seeking one of Ringo’s… [More]


Adjusted Score: 91165%

Critics Consensus: Sunshine on Leith is a musical so charmingly good-natured that even viewers who don’t like musicals may find it difficult to resist.

Synopsis: Davy and Ally have to relearn how to live in Edinburgh after serving in Afghanistan…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 90691%

Critics Consensus: Closer to the source material than 1971’s Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is for people who like their Chocolate visually appealing and dark.

Synopsis: A poor boy (Freddie Highmore) and four spoiled children win a tour through the incredible factory of an odd confectioner… [More]


Adjusted Score: 90733%

Critics Consensus: The Lure adds a sexually charged, genre-defying twist to well-established mermaid lore, more than overpowering its flaws through sheer variety and wild ambition.

Synopsis: Two mermaid sisters become caught in a love triangle when they fall for the same man…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 92166%

Critics Consensus: A poppy satire on pop music, Bye Bye Birdie is silly, light, and very, very pink.

Synopsis: A songwriter (Dick Van Dyke) sees his big chance when rock ‘n’ roll idol Conrad Birdie visits Sweet Apple, Ohio,… [More]


Adjusted Score: 91233%

Critics Consensus: A timeless and elegant musical feast, Funny Face thrives on the agile and vibrant performances from legendary screen titans Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.

Synopsis: A fashion photographer (Fred Astaire) turns a Greenwich Village bookworm (Audrey Hepburn) into a Paris cover girl…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 93188%

Critics Consensus: The Muppet Movie, the big-screen debut of Jim Henson’s plush creations, is smart, lighthearted, and fun for all ages.

Synopsis: Fried-frogs-legs franchisers (Charles Durning, Austin Pendleton) follow Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and company to Hollywood…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 93286%

Critics Consensus: Unapologetically sweet and maybe even a little corny, The Sound of Music will win over all but the most cynical filmgoers with its classic songs and irresistible warmth.

Synopsis: A novitiate (Julie Andrews) leaves her convent and becomes governess to Capt. Von Trapp’s (Christopher Plummer) seven children in Austria… [More]


Adjusted Score: 92890%

Critics Consensus: Dressed to the nines in exquisite production value and buoyed by Mike Leigh’s sardonic wit, Topsy-Turvy is rich entertainment that is as brainy as it is handsome.

Synopsis: After bad reviews for the operetta “Princess Ida,” W.S. Gilbert (Jim Broadbent) and Arthur Sullivan (Allan Corduner) become inspired to… [More]


Adjusted Score: 94129%

Critics Consensus: A rousing and energetic adaptation of the Broadway musical, Chicago succeeds on the level of pure spectacle, but provides a surprising level of depth and humor as well.

Synopsis: A lawyer (Richard Gere) handles the cases of two murderous women (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renée Zellweger) who are looking to gain… [More]


Adjusted Score: 93086%

Critics Consensus: James Cagney deploys his musical gifts to galvanizing effect in Yankee Doodle Dandy, a celebration of patriotic fervor as much as it is a biopic of George M. Cohan.

Synopsis: Song-and-dance man George M. Cohan (James Cagney) recalls his life from his youth in vaudeville to later success…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 94513%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: A New York dancer (Fred Astaire) grooms a chorus girl (Judy Garland) to be his new partner, falling in love… [More]


Adjusted Score: 93929%

Critics Consensus: Full of pith and Grand Guignol grossness, this macabre musical is perfectly helmed and highly entertaining. Tim Burton masterfully stages the musical in a way that will make you think he has done this many times before.

Synopsis: After serving time for a crime he did not commit, a vengeful barber (Johnny Depp) and his accomplice (Helena Bonham… [More]


Adjusted Score: 95200%

Critics Consensus: Remixing Roger Corman’s B-movie by way of the Off-Broadway musical, Little Shop of Horrors offers camp, horror and catchy tunes in equal measure — plus some inspired cameos by the likes of Steve Martin and Bill Murray.

Synopsis: A clerk (Rick Moranis) in a Skid Row flower shop feeds people to Audrey II, his talking plant from outer… [More]


Adjusted Score: 93840%

Critics Consensus: An escapist and inventive cinemascope delight, Guys and Dolls glistens thanks to the charm of its ensemble.

Synopsis: A Broadway gambler (Frank Sinatra) bets that a Runyonesque high roller (Marlon Brando) cannot take a sidewalk soul-saver (Jean Simmons)… [More]


Adjusted Score: 96684%

Critics Consensus: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is strange yet comforting, full of narrative detours that don’t always work but express the film’s uniqueness.

Synopsis: A poor boy (Peter Ostrum) and his grandfather (Jack Albertson) win a tour through the marvelous factory of a wily… [More]


Adjusted Score: 95274%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: A librarian (Shirley Jones) hears a sour note when a charming rogue (Robert Preston) convinces Iowa townspeople to start a… [More]


Adjusted Score: 94652%

Critics Consensus: Vintage MGM musical stuff, characterized by Stanley Donen’s fleet direction and some amazing dance performances from star Fred Astaire.

Synopsis: A brother (Fred Astaire) and sister (Jane Powell) take their act to 1947 London. Includes Astaire’s famous dance on the… [More]


Adjusted Score: 96261%

Critics Consensus: Hedwig and the Angry Inch may very well be the next Rocky Horror midnight movie. It not only knows how to rock, but Hedwig’s story has an emotional poignancy.

Synopsis: A transsexual rock singer (John Cameron Mitchell) sues her successful protege (Michael Pitt) for plagiarism…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 97114%

Critics Consensus: While it’s plenty predictable and sentimental, The Sapphires also has an irresistible feel-good vibe, winning music and charming performances to spare.

Synopsis: A would-be music promoter (Chris O’Dowd) sees something special in a girl group of four Australian singers and takes them… [More]


Adjusted Score: 96743%

Critics Consensus: Lagaan is lavish, rousing entertainment in the old-fashioned tradition of Hollywood musicals.

Synopsis: Bhuvan, a farmer from Champaner, accepts the challenge of Captain Andrew Russell to beat the British at a game of… [More]


Adjusted Score: 99293%

Critics Consensus: Mary Poppins Returns relies on the magic of its classic forebear to cast a familiar — but still solidly effective — family-friendly spell.

Synopsis: Single father Michael and his sister receive the surprise of a lifetime when Mary Poppins — the beloved nanny from… [More]


Adjusted Score: 97411%

Critics Consensus: Overflowing with infectious enthusiasm, On the Town is an exhilarating musical ride across the real streets of New York featuring another graceful performance from Gene Kelly.

Synopsis: Sailors Gabey (Gene Kelly), Chip (Frank Sinatra) and Ozzie have 24 hours to meet pretty women and see the sights… [More]


Adjusted Score: 98631%

Critics Consensus: Barbara Streisand elevates this otherwise rote melodramatic musical with her ultra-memorable star turn as Fanny Brice.

Synopsis: Ziegfeld Follies star Fanny Brice (Barbra Streisand) falls for gambler Nicky Arnstein (Omar Sharif)…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 97670%

Critics Consensus: Brought to life by the Marx Brothers’ charming anarchy, The Cocoanuts is a groundbreaking musical romp.

Synopsis: Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo take advantage of hotel guests during the Florida land boom…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 99245%

Critics Consensus: Great performances and evocative musical numbers help Cabaret secure its status as a stylish, socially conscious classic.

Synopsis: Multiple Oscars went to this tale about an American chanteuse in Berlin caught in the rising tide of Nazism…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 99466%

Critics Consensus: Hairspray is an energetic, wholly entertaining musical romp; a fun Summer movie with plenty of heart. Its contagious songs will make you want to get up and start dancing.

Synopsis: In 1960s Baltimore a plump teen (Nikki Blonsky) becomes an overnight celebrity after she wins a spot on a local… [More]


Adjusted Score: 99199%

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

Synopsis: A young Victorian widow (Deborah Kerr) goes to Siam to teach the king’s (Yul Brynner) children. Music by Rodgers and… [More]


Adjusted Score: 99217%

Critics Consensus: A smart re-imagining of fairy tale tropes that’s sure to delight children and adults, Enchanted features witty dialogue, sharp animation, and a star turn by Amy Adams.

Synopsis: Banished by an evil queen, a princess (Amy Adams) from a fairy-tale world lands in modern Manhattan, where music, magic… [More]


Adjusted Score: 99123%

Critics Consensus: Driven by a fantastic lead turn from Julie Andrews, Blake Edwards’ musical gender-bender is sharp, funny and all-round entertaining.

Synopsis: A Chicago mobster (James Garner) falls for a female impersonator (Julie Andrews), actually a woman, in 1930s Paris…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 100570%

Critics Consensus: Buoyed by Robert Wise’s dazzling direction, Leonard Bernstein’s score, and Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics, West Side Story remains perhaps the most iconic of all the Shakespeare adaptations to visit the big screen.

Synopsis: Rival New York City gangs affect the love of a young man (Richard Beymer) and woman (Natalie Wood) from each… [More]


Adjusted Score: 100028%

Critics Consensus: Bubsy Berkeley does it again in 42nd Street, a brilliant depression-era romp with stellar musical numbers and impeccable choreography.

Synopsis: A Broadway producer (Warner Baxter) sends in the understudy (Ruby Keeler) when his show’s star (Bebe Daniels) twists her ankle…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 101879%

Critics Consensus: Like a life-affirming rock anthem, Blinded by the Light hits familiar chords with confidence and flair, building to a conclusion that leaves audiences cheering for an encore.

Synopsis: Javed is a Pakistani teenager who experiences racial and economic turmoil in working-class England in 1987. He soon gathers the… [More]


Adjusted Score: 99385%

Critics Consensus: A witty spoof of medieval swashbuckler movies, The Court Jester showcases Danny Kaye at his nimble, tongue-twisting best.

Synopsis: A medieval valet (Danny Kaye) plays jester in a plot to oust a baron’s (Basil Rathbone) pawn and put the… [More]


Adjusted Score: 101176%

Critics Consensus: George Cukor’s elegant, colorful adaptation of the beloved stage play is elevated to new heights thanks to winning performances by Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison.

Synopsis: Oscar-winning adaptation of the Broadway hit about an English professor (Rex Harrison) who teaches a cockney merchant (Audrey Hepburn) to… [More]


Adjusted Score: 101808%

Critics Consensus: A charming, captivating tale of love and music, Once sets the standard for the modern musical. And with Dublin as its backdrop, Once is fun and fresh.

Synopsis: An Irish street musician (Glen Hansard) and a Czech immigrant (Marketa Irglova) collaborate on a number of songs that reflect… [More]


Adjusted Score: 102060%

Critics Consensus: Oftentimes nostalgic and extremely charming, French Cancan is a breathtaking homage to Moulin Rouge.

Synopsis: An aging Paris showman (Jean Gabin) opens the Moulin Rouge and makes a laundress (Françoise Arnoul) its star…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 101090%

Critics Consensus: Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire are brilliant in Swing Time, one of the duo’s most charming and wonderfully choreographed films.

Synopsis: Gambler/dancer Lucky (Fred Astaire) falls for dance teacher Penny (Ginger Rogers) while engaged to Margaret…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 102484%

Critics Consensus: The Young Girls of Rochefort pays colorful homage to classic Hollywood musicals while earning its own emotionally affecting place of honor in the genre.

Synopsis: Dancing/composing twin sisters (Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Dorléac) find romance in Paris, one with a sailor, the other with a U.S…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 102772%

Critics Consensus: Clever, charming, and heartfelt, The Muppets is a welcome big screen return for Jim Henson’s lovable creations that will both win new fans and delight longtime devotees.

Synopsis: Kermit, Miss Piggy and the other Muppets join forces with their fans to raise $10 million to save Muppet Studios… [More]


Adjusted Score: 101881%

Critics Consensus: A Star is Born is a movie of grand scope and intimate moments, featuring Judy Garland’s possibly greatest performance.

Synopsis: A Hollywood star (James Mason) drinks away his career, as his singer wife (Judy Garland) becomes famous…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 101487%

Critics Consensus: A lavish modern fairy tale celebrated for its amazing special effects, catchy songs, and Julie Andrews’s legendary performance in the title role.

Synopsis: London children have fun with a marvelous nanny (Julie Andrews) and her chimney-sweep friend (Dick Van Dyke)…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 103945%

Critics Consensus: Sing Street is a feel-good musical with huge heart and irresistible optimism, and its charmimg cast and hummable tunes help to elevate its familiar plotting.

Synopsis: In 1985, a Dublin teenager (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) forms a rock ‘n’ roll band to win the heart of an aspiring… [More]


Adjusted Score: 103328%

Critics Consensus: Anchored by Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell’s sparkling magnetism, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a delightfully entertaining 1950s musical.

Synopsis: Two showgirls on the lookout for rich eligible bachelors run into numerous complications during a trip to Paris…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 104749%

Critics Consensus: A disarmingly sweet musical led by outstanding performances from Judy Garland and Margaret O’Brien, Meet Me in St. Louis offers a holiday treat for all ages.

Synopsis: A St. Louis lawyer’s (Leon Ames) family (Judy Garland, Margaret O’Brien) stays in town for the 1904 World’s Fair…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 104972%

Critics Consensus: Jacques Demy elevates the basic drama of everyday life into a soaring opera full of bittersweet passion and playful charm, featuring a timeless performance from Catherine Deneuve.

Synopsis: A pregnant French girl (Catherine Deneuve) must choose between her lover (Nino Castelnuovo), who is going into the service, and… [More]


Adjusted Score: 109386%

Critics Consensus: It’s going to be a long, long time before a rock biopic manages to capture the highs and lows of an artist’s life like Rocketman.

Synopsis: Set to his most beloved songs, it’s the epic musical story of Elton John, his breakthrough years in the 1970s… [More]


Adjusted Score: 112179%

Critics Consensus: Lights up for In the Heights, a joyous celebration of heritage and community fueled by dazzling direction and singalong songs.

Synopsis: In Washington Heights, N.Y., a kaleidoscope of dreams rallies a vibrant and tight-knit community. At the intersection of it all… [More]


Adjusted Score: 108512%

Critics Consensus: A glamorous and enthralling Depression-era diversion, Top Hat is nearly flawless, with acrobatics by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers that make the hardest physical stunts seem light as air.

Synopsis: A woman (Ginger Rogers) believes that an enamored dancer (Fred Astaire) is her best friend’s husband…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 110066%

Critics Consensus: A Hard Day’s Night, despite its age, is still a delight to watch and has proven itself to be a rock-and-roll movie classic.

Synopsis: John, Paul, George and Ringo (The Beatles) spend 36 wild hours in London, besieged by exuberant fans…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 113006%

Critics Consensus: La La Land breathes new life into a bygone genre with thrillingly assured direction, powerful performances, and an irresistible excess of heart.

Synopsis: Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress, and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a dedicated jazz musician, are struggling to make ends meet… [More]


Adjusted Score: 112220%

Critics Consensus: The plot may be problematic, but such concerns are rendered superfluous by Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron’s star power, the Gershwins’ classic songs, and Vincente Minnelli’s colorful, sympathetic direction.

Synopsis: An American soldier (Gene Kelly) stays in Paris after World War II to paint and falls in love with a… [More]


Adjusted Score: 112925%

Critics Consensus: Clever, incisive, and funny, Singin’ in the Rain is a masterpiece of the classical Hollywood musical.

Synopsis: A silent-film star (Gene Kelly) loves a chorus girl (Debbie Reynolds) who dubs his squeaky-voiced co-star in a 1927 Hollywood… [More]


Adjusted Score: 111627%

Critics Consensus: Watermelons may go out of season, but in A Night at the Opera, the Marx Brothers’ daffy laughs are never anything less than uproariously fresh.

Synopsis: Groucho (Groucho Marx), Chico and Harpo go to Italy and bring opera and its patrons down to their level…. [More]


Adjusted Score: 118424%

Critics Consensus: An absolute masterpiece whose groundbreaking visuals and deft storytelling are still every bit as resonant, The Wizard of Oz is a must-see film for young and old.

Synopsis: After a tornado whisks Kansas farm girl Dorothy (Judy Garland) to a magic land, she must travel to the Emerald… [More]


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