5 Musical Movies Cancers Will Love (& 5 They Will Hate)


The sign of Cancer is one of the funniest signs of the zodiac because people born under this sign have wonderful and wild imaginations. Most Cancers also make great friends and relationship partners because they are extremely loyal. On the other hand, Cancers don’t shy away from their emotions either and it can be a bit overwhelming for other signs on reception at times.

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Like any sign, it’s all about balance, and quite often the emotional side of a Cancer works in their favor and allows these people to be more empathetic, which also allows them to truly appreciate the art and what comes from the imagination of others. Here are some imaginative musical feature films that Cancers will love, as well as a few that they should probably avoid on their next movie night.

ten Love: Mum Mia

The Cancer sign loves to have fun. People born under this sign can cheer up just about anyone and are always looking to have a good time.

One of the funniest musical films of the past decade is the musical feature jukebox, Mom Mia. This movie was shot in Greece and it looks like the cast of the movie had a blast. The Cancer sign will walk away from this movie like they just took a summer vacation.

9 Hatred: the last five years

Cathy in the last five years Hufflepuff

Cancers can have a hard time with this musical feature film shot because it’s a pretty depressing story. The story is that of Cathy and Jamie, two young people who meet, fall in love, get married, then divorce.

In the movie, Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan play the two main characters and sing live, which is incredibly difficult for them and fun for audiences to watch, but the lack of a happy ending will put off most people born under. the Sign of cancer.

8 Love: Mary Poppins

This is a classic musical film that Cancers probably grew up watching and still love to this day. This film centers on the main character, Mary Poppins, who is the best and most magical nanny in the world.

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When Mary Poppins arrives to take care of the Banks children, her timing couldn’t be more perfect. Mary takes Jane and Michael on a great adventure and manages to lift the spirits of the children, as well as her audience.

7 Hate: Les Misérables

Because the Cancer sign is such an emotional and empathetic sign, they tend to absorb feelings from everything around them.

This sign is very sensitive to the emotions of others and for this reason they should probably avoid the musical feature film shot, Wretched, because it’s a pretty depressing story and most of the characters don’t have the happiest endings.

6 Love: the greatest showman

Zac Efron as Phillip and Hugh Jackman as PT Barnum in Greatest Showman

The entire distribution of this musical feature film on PT Barnum and the creation of Barnum’s American Museum makes for an incredible spectacle.

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The original music, stunning costumes and set design, cinematography and amazing performances make this a feature film that will put everyone, especially a Cancer, in a good mood. This imaginative feature film is something every Cancer should put at the top of their watchlist.

5 Hate: In the woods

Most Cancers will have a hard time with this musical feature film as it takes the classic fairy tales we all know and love and gives them a much darker and more cynical twist.

Of course, as with any fairy tale, there is a happy ending, but the path to that end is difficult and there is a lot of suffering that all the main characters go through and really heavy themes that Cancers don’t. will not find it very entertaining.

4 Love: Annie

The sign of Cancer loves good rags to riches stories and the musical, Annie is a classic example. This musical has been made into a movie several times. Most recently, it starred Quvenzhané Wallis as the main character and Jamie Fox as the man who welcomes orphan Annie and gives her a better life.

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The Cancer sign will love the music in this movie as well, both the classic songs they already know and the original twist this updated movie puts on the music.

3 Hate: Beauty and the Beast

Luke Evans as Gaston and Josh Gad as LeFou in Beauty and the Beast

The Cancer sign has a hard time if they feel confined or have some of their free will taken away, which is why they won’t like watching the remake of the classic and live-action Disney, The beauty and the Beast.

This movie is actually a pretty solid example of Stockholm Syndrome, which is when a person being held captive finds an alliance with the person or people holding them, which is exactly what happens to Belle. in this musical feature film.

2 Love: walk the line

Another great musical love story that Cancers can enjoy is the critically acclaimed biopic, Walk the line, on the true love story between Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.

Not only will the Cancer sign fall in love with the romance in this movie, but the music is really great and the two stars of the movie, Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon perform the musical numbers perfectly.

1 Hate: Cinderella

It’s a rags-to-riches story that Cancers won’t like to watch because for so much of Cinderella’s life she is held captive by her evil stepmom and treated terribly by her stepsisters and it is only with the help of a magical fairy godmother that she is able to escape and have a better life.

The fact that Cinderella is trapped for such a large part of the story will not suit most Cancers who don’t like to feel confined to a certain place or situation.

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