5 musical movies the Aries will love (& 5 they will hate)


The Aries sign is a fire sign that makes them very confident and courageous people, but also very quick to their emotions. An Aries person is extremely passionate and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. People born under this sign usually have really big dreams, but because they are so confident, there is not much that prevents them from turning their dreams into reality.

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They also bring the same passion and determination to relationships. Aries love to love and when they fall it’s hard and fast. Considering all of the traits of an Aries person, here are a few musical movies she’ll love and others she should avoid.

ten Love: a star is born

This musical feature film, which is the fourth remake of the same name, stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and tells the love story of Jackson and Ally, two musicians who have bonded by their mutual love for music. The Aries will love this movie because it is full of passion.

Cooper and Gaga have incredible chemistry in the movie which makes their characters very vibrant and interesting to watch and the story totally compelling.

9 Hate: cats

Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical feature lacks the script that Aries needs when entertaining. The musical is based on a collection of poems from the 1930s and tells the story of the “Jellicles”. Each cat has its own story and tells it through a musical number, but the plot is lost with each number.

While most Aries can enjoy the music and the success of this musical in general, the movie itself is not something they will want to witness.

8 Love: La La Land

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in a movie theater in La La Land

Any Aries can appreciate a great love story, even if the story doesn’t have the ideal happy ending, which is why most Aries will love Damian Chazelle’s award-winning musical feature, La La Land, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as two youngsters trying to “get by” in Los Angeles.

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Finding a balance between your dreams and goals and your personal life is a struggle for any artist and one that most Aries can relate to.

7 Hate: Mamma Mia

Jukebox musicals are a difficult thing for Aries to enjoy, as they tend to lack the originality that appeals to most people born under the sign of Aries. The original music is full of passion and history while trying to manipulate the songs to fit into a certain storyline that doesn’t feel very authentic to most Aries.

For these reasons, ABBA’s musical jukebox has become a feature film, Mom Mia, is probably a movie that most Aries want to leave off their watchlists.

6 Love: the last five years

Cathy in the last five years Hufflepuff

It’s another love story told through music that any Aries are sure to love. In this musical filmed with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan, Cathy and Jamie meet, fall in love, marry, and then divorce.

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The story is told in a way that most Aries will find very interesting, with two distinct timelines. Cathy’s perspective starts at the end and goes right through to the beginning of her love affair with Jamie, while Jamie’s perspective does the opposite.

5 Hate: Evita

Because the sign of Aries is always looking for something new and innovative, classic musicals, like that of Andrew Lloyd Webber Evita, with Madonna, probably won’t be the right fit for a movie night.

The movie is beautiful and Madonna does an amazing job as the main character, but because it’s been done so many times and it’s such a well-known musical, the Aries sign will be less likely to seek it out. and more likely to watch something newer. .

4 Love: Les Misérables

It’s probably the only classic musical feature film shot that an Aries could appreciate and that’s because the directing was so inventive when it came time to take this story from the stage to the big screen.

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The musical itself is so familiar that an Aries could easily get bored, but the fact that every actor in this movie is singing live is something that will certainly spark the interest of Aries, especially an artistic Aries who can appreciate how difficult it is to sing this music live. in the cinema must have been for these actors.

3 Hate: The Phantom of the Opera

This is another classic musical that most Aries will leave off their watch lists. The film, released in 2004, starred as Emmy Rossum and also starred Gerard Butler as the ghost.

The problem most Aries will have with the movie is that it doesn’t do anything different from the musical. The story, music, and characters are performed in a similar fashion to the play, which won’t interest most Aries.

2 Love: Mary Poppins

Carousel Mary Poppins Carousel

Mary Poppins is an iconic character and one that most Aries will find surprisingly relatable. Mary Poppins exudes the kind of confidence Aries strives for.

She makes no apologies and is very wise, but also has a unique warmth in her personality that anyone can fall in love with. both the original Mary poppins feature film and the most recent release, Mary Poppins Returns, are movies that any Aries could watch over and over again.

1 Hate: Annie

Annie is probably the most recognizable musical and also one of the most over-the-top musicals. Most people have been or seen a production of this musical about an orphan who is adopted by a very wealthy man and for that reason alone the Aries sign probably doesn’t want to watch it.

Whether it’s the original 1982 film adaptation or the most recent 2014 release, the story has been told so many times, most people, especially Aries, don’t need to hear it again.

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