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(YorkPedia Editorial): – Maimansingh, Bangladesh, August 16, 2021 ( – Music runs through his veins. After his astonishing debut with “Ekla Cholore guitar tune” in 2015, Azim Khan Opu significantly rose to stardom to become one of the most successful young musicians. Constantly experimenting with different genres and sounds, this prodigy seeks this year to offer new surprises to his fans. Star Showbiz brings you this exclusive interview with none other than the idol himself, Azim Khan Opu.

It’s been a long time since you started. How has your attitude changed since you started making music?

It’s been quite a while (laughs). I’ll be honest with you; I never really wanted to be a singer when I started making music. I saw myself more as a musical director and wanted to create a platform for the young and talented singers of the country with “Ekla cholo re guitar tune”. I sang “Amaro Poran” out of pure experimentation and fun, but it became by far the most popular song on this album. I will say that over time the sound I was associated with kept changing. “Ekla” consisted of a lot of funky “bhangra” style tracks while in my first solo album, “Amaro”, I focused on more romantic tracks. You could say that I tend to experiment a lot.

How were you inspired to make music a profession?

I was fortunate to be brought up in a musical family. As you probably know, my father is a well known and respected music composer. My inspiration came mainly from tinkering and trying out different instruments. Over time, I started to be fascinated by the art of playing and recording music.

Who were your favorite artists growing up?

I tend to listen to all kinds of music. Interestingly, I was a huge rock and metal fan and still am to some extent. I listened to a lot of Guns N ‘Roses and Iron Maiden growing up. My current favorite song is “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry.

Tell us the stories behind some of your famous songs. Did you make songs that you didn’t think you were doing well but that would?

Every song has a story behind it, actually. Speaking of an unexpected hit, “Amaro” was that song for me. Many don’t know it, but I was supposed to release it in “Ekla”. I didn’t release it then because I felt it didn’t fit the theme of that particular album. I sang “Amaro” as a draft and sent it as a teaser for my next solo album. However, it got so famous that I never really got a chance to do it in a ‘correct’ way and then released it as it was on the album!

Platforms are evolving in today’s music industry. People are less inclined to buy physical music albums. How do you think this affected you?

There will always be a change in trends, and I personally welcome that. I think it gives more chances to future talented musicians in the country. I myself have published many songs online. All I can say is that it is much easier for a musician to enter the industry now than it was when I started my journey.

What are your current projects ?

I have a lot on hand at the moment. I’m working on my next solo album which will be called “Hum T”. I work really hard to make sure this sounds and feels more different from my previous albums. I am also in the process of making an acoustic album, where I will re-release some of my well known songs in a pure acoustic version. Apart from that, I will soon start working on “Amaro 2”, and in this album, I will give the opportunity to new and future singers of the country to make themselves known. However, I haven’t decided how I might connect with potential singers. I will soon inform everyone of the procedure.

You have always been a fan favorite among the girls. Would you like to send a message to your female fans? Are you available?

(Laughs) All I would say is I’m always available to my fans. My Facebook profile is famous Facebook and I try to be as responsive as possible. They are the reason for my success and I would love to give back to them in the form of good music. I want to thank all the fans, men and women, for their constant support because it means a lot to me.

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