Best Dance Scenes in Non-Musical Films, Ranked

Everyone loves music. It is a source of stimulation that follows us through the different stages of our lives and generally evolves with age. It doesn’t matter what music genre we prefer – it can be any genre, but there’s always at least one that fills our daily playlists. Perhaps part of the magic of music is the joy of sharing it with others, remembering loved ones through songs, singing and dancing with best friends. Music connects us to people, just like dance, so it often holds a special place in the fondest memories of many.

Music and dance are two elements often present in a large number of film and television productions. In fact, there is a genre devoted entirely to them: film musical productions. These movies are full of iconic dance scenes and songs that became classics, with perfectly memorized lyrics and choreography still used today. Among them, it is worth mentioning John Travolta and Olivia Newton John grooving on “You’re The One That I Want” in Fator Gene Kelly waving his umbrella in Sing in the rainamong countless other legendary shots.

Although one expects to find dance scenes in musical films, a different thing happens when they appear in non-musical productions. Throughout the history of cinema, several directors have managed to present exceptional dance scenes in their films, without being linked to musicals, turning this production into a legend and imprinting the memory of this song and its performance forever. in the memory of the public. This article lists some of the best dance scenes in non-musical movies.


8 10 things i hate about you

The 1999 movie 10 things i hate about you ranks among the best romantic comedies of its decade. Bianca was considered the queen of high school in Padua, while her older sister Kat was quite the opposite: unruly, antisocial, and uninterested in school. Their overprotective father had only one rule: Bianca could go out if Kat went out too. Aware of this rule, Cameron, a new student obsessed with Bianca, decides to hire Patrick, the school’s bad boy, to seduce Kat. Patrick did not know that he would end up falling in love with her. As part of his attempts to show her affection, this character played by Heath Ledger performed “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” in front of the whole school with the help of the marching band. This performance managed to impress Kat, earning her a place in detention, and also one of the best declarations of love in teen films of this era.

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seven Little Miss Sun

Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who were husband and wife, made their debut as team directors in the black comedy Little Miss Sun. In this 2006 film, audiences were introduced to a dysfunctional family, the Hoovers. When Olive was chosen to enter a children’s beauty pageant, the young girl worked out a routine with the help of her grandfather as the family went on a trip to California, where the pageant was being held. After an unfortunate trip, they managed to get there, and as soon as they entered the establishment, they felt out of place. The other girls were totally different from Olive, even though she and her family had faith in her talents. However, when it was her turn to do her routine, Olive horrified the judges and pageant families with a slightly provocative dance to “Super Freak.” Her family, trying to support her, jumped on board with her choreography, which led to one of the film’s most iconic scenes.

6 Risky business

Risky business was the film that propelled Tom Cruise to stardom. He played Joel Goodsen, an excellent high school student from a very wealthy family. When his parents went on a trip, Joel was left alone in his house, so his best friend encouraged him to have a little fun. Armed with this newfound freedom, the young man began to do things he had always wanted to do: drink a bottle of scotch from his father’s collection and dance around the house without pants on “Old Time Rock and Roll”, leaving its mark among cinema’s most iconic shots.

5 beetle juice

In beetle juice, the 1988 Tim Burton film, the Deetz family bought a house that once belonged to the late Barbara and Adam, who both still lived there. Curiously, the only person who got to see this ghostly couple was Lydia, a budding young photographer, who quickly befriended them. Barbara and Adam made it their mission to get the Deetzes away from their home, so as part of that task, in the middle of a big family dinner with friends, they haunted and scared them. As such, Charles and Delia began singing and dancing in horror to the beat of “Day O”, also known as “The Banana Boat Song”. They were accompanied by their guests who, terrified, followed them in the choreography.

4 pulp Fiction

pulp FictionThe dance scene is probably the most iconic scene in the film, which itself has several memorable scenes. In this film by Quentin Tarantino, John Travolta and Uma Thurman marked the history of cinema as Vincent and Mia. She was the wife of Vincent’s boss, and Vincent was given the task of taking her to dinner and making her happy. In the middle of their dinner at a retro restaurant called Jackrabbit Slim’s, a Twist contest started and Mia wanted to win the trophy. So they both dance to “You Never Can Tell”, a song by Chuck Berry. This scene was striking for many reasons, including their facial expressions contrasting with their body movements during the twist.

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3 The breakfast club

In The breakfast club, a brain, an athlete, a trash, a princess and a juvenile delinquent were punished by being sent to detention and had to attend school for an entire Saturday. The five students, who seemed to have nothing in common with each other, were tasked with writing a 1,000-word essay. As the detention dragged on, they discovered that after all, they weren’t as incompatible as they thought. Halfway through their punishment and after smoking together, Brian, Andrew, Allison, Claire and John all danced to Karla DeVito’s “We Are Not Alone,” a song that perfectly describes the main characters of the story.

2 13 Continue 30

13 Continue 30 proved that a great song can redeem even the most boring party. In this acclaimed 2004 romantic comedy, 13-year-old Jenna woke up at 30 with no idea what happened along the way. While adjusting to her new age, Jennifer Garner’s character reunited with old friends and lovers, like Matt (Mark Ruffalo), but found that over time she failed to become the person she hoped to be: she turned out to be a selfish woman who only cared about succeeding, regardless of the consequences. This clash with his inner child attracted a lot of attention from those around him in his adult life, especially for his attitude, which had changed a lot in a short time. One of the film’s most iconic scenes was precisely when Jenna danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” a risky move that ended up saving a party from the brink of failure.

1 The mask

This 1994 film was Cameron Diaz’s acting debut and earned Jim Carrey a Golden Globe nomination and stardom as a comedy lead actor. In the film, Carrey played the role of Stanley Ipkiss, a washed-up man whose life changed when he found a mask that granted him supernatural powers when worn. While wearing the mask, Stanley broke into the bank he worked at to steal money and gain access to a club where Tina, his love, used to dance. Once inside, armed with the courage the mask gave him, Stanley impressed Tina by leading a dance show to the song “Hey Pachuco!” by Royal Crown Revue. Little did Stanley know that while the two of them were dancing, Dorian Tyrell, the young woman’s mafia boyfriend, was seeking revenge for losing the bank’s money. Another iconic dance scene from The mask is the one where Carrey performed “Cuban Pete” while surrounded by police.

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