Budding Bangladeshi musical artist Tanzira Noor works for mental health issues

Tanzira Noor, an aspiring musical artist from Bangladesh and a qualified hypnotherapist by profession, who is also an active member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) says: “The voice is one of the very important parts of hypnotherapy. clinic; a successful therapy session also depends on the soothing voice and its modulations as well as the appropriate treatment protocol. The calm voice of a hypnotherapist has a positive impact on patients. As I have already worked as a vocal artist; had experience in voice-overs on documentaries and commercials as well as singing and presenting shows, this experience helps me to conduct hypnotherapy. I find it quite intriguing how the voice can be used as a tool to provide mental relaxation in a patient’s subconscious, so I started practicing hypnotherapy and providing virtual therapy to those in need during this pandemic. . Although I am away from the media activity in Bangladesh at the moment, I am still proud to work for a better cause in Malaysia and recently I have been contacted by Malaysian NGOs to help the front lines with hypnotherapy.

His one of the popular Bengali songs “Himel Hawa” was adored by music lovers a few years ago. The musical arrangement was performed by Chamak and Atiq Siddique Rony, winner of the Benson and Hedges star research. Tanzira Noor is best known as a stage performer in several cultural programs, but her few popular songs, poetry recitals and music tracks are broadcast worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Resso, YouTube Music, etc. Few of her other famous tracks are We Meet, Tomar Preme, Priyo Tumi and Chillout, etc.

Tanzira Noor as a multi-talented media personality; worked in television, radio, theater, film and enlisted as a singer on national television from her childhood. One of her notable works was to host a female entrepreneurs show called Paddwarag on Channel One Entertainment Ltd. This show aired over 100 episodes and was loved by all. She was later associated with a Bengali feature film called Ostitto which was released in 2016 based on autism. Tanzira Noor worked as a decorator, but she is also seen in the film in a few scenes playing the role of a doctor. She was admired for her flawless play in this particular character. After being in the media industry for several years in different industries, she has moved away from it all due to some personal needs and has now been living in Malaysia for a few years.

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