Chef Gaggan Anand’s new restaurant: still the best in Asia?

When arriving in Bangkok, any foodie knows that there is a restaurant that should not be missed. Unfortunately, Gaggan Anand’s new restaurant has a 6 month waiting period, so you need to plan ahead. However, if you do manage to secure a reservation, here’s what to expect.

After a disagreement with shareholders, Indian chef superstar Gaggan Anand closed his timeless restaurant in Bangkok and opened a new venue, named Gaggan Anand. For three months, the chef and many of his former employees who left the previous location, rented a space and arranged it to become Chef Gaggan’s new playground. The restaurant opened on November 1, 2019.

The restaurant is divided into three areas, the G’s Spot is a bar where patrons can watch Gaggan and other chefs prepare the dishes while chatting and joking with the guests. There’s Family Table for a private dining experience, which doesn’t come cheap, and then we’ve got Arena G, the more “traditional” dining area for groups. Here the cost per person is around US $ 265, a wine pairing menu can be experienced for an additional US $ 150. Only 50 guests are served each day and reservations can only be made online. Now that’s enough about the procedures, let’s look at the new restaurant and if it still deserves its place as the best restaurant in Asia and 4th best in the world.

The 25-course meal begins with a puzzle, each piece of the puzzle features an emoji sticker, similar to the original restaurant before it. From the start, diners discover Gaggan’s fun and playful personality. The game is simple – each of the 25 coming dishes is affixed to a piece of the puzzle, the goal is to put the puzzle together in the order of the dishes. The general theme is relaxation, breaking down barriers in gastronomy and, more importantly, having fun. Most dishes do not include cutlery, prompting diners to eat with their hands. The other dishes come with instructions. The rainbow-colored paste of Indian spices, for example, sees diners licking the plate from the bottom up in order to catch all the colors on their tongue. The menu is fun. As for flavors, there is something for everyone in the 25 dishes of Indian twists, explosions of tastes and classic summaries. Truffle fried milk comes to mind as memorable dishes, as does the explosive Lord of the Rings, where guests are invited to wave their middle finger and consume the dish with their middle finger. The gray asteroid also brings a lot to the table, literally. Since most dishes are small and quick, the entire experience stands out more than most individual dishes; diners are constantly on their toes with new flavor combinations and creative dishes. During 18 we were full and wondering how we were going to continue, but in the end we managed to eat it all.

Another strong plus point – the staff. While the man himself was downstairs to entertain his guests, the staff made every guest feel welcome and satisfied. Player with each guest and among themselves, it is true that Gaggan now has an army of 65 talented chefs, each worthy of his title.

The walls have changed but not the quality, if anything it has increased and Gaggan Anand has surpassed himself again. While the food industry was thrilled to see him venture to Japan, maintaining and upholding the legacy he built is equally great.

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