Coach Legend a mentor for the Haitianbird musical artist


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The Haitian-American businessman known as Coach Legend began his life journey as a world-renowned speaker, mentor, musical artist and wealth coach.

Coach Legend, the sharp young Haitian-American businessman began his adventure in the world as a speaker, mentor, musical artist and wealth coach. In addition to being a Haitian-American artist, he is a world renowned speaker, mentor and heritage coach, Mr. Coach Legend is a multilingual marketing strategist who has substantial experience and diverse professionalism in the development of business and leadership.

“When I reached the age of seven, my father and I emigrated to the United States of America. I privileged this part of my childhood. It was my first time on a plane, this experience of traveling on my Visa to another country made me feel so excited to live in another country. “I came from humble beginnings to be able to travel to the United States Imagine 5 people living in a one bedroom apartment. room? ”he said.

However, throughout his journey he faced many challenges that made him believe he had what it takes to be a business owner – living from paycheck to paycheck with little to no money in the bank account, working nine to five with no direction for the future. Mr. Legend was struggling to get out of the mad rush and was desperate for a breakthrough. He decided he had to stop looking for a job that only earned him a salary and instead started his own business.

Years later, her persistence and ambition have finally paid off.

Besides being a musical artist himself, today the 7-figure income businessman and mentor is ready for future opportunities as he has invested millions in various artists like Haitianbird and more. He continues to share his message of hard work, persistence and how he achieved financial freedom.


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