Dr Mahamudul Islam Chowdhury is an exemplary doctor, musical artist and entrepreneur


Dr Mahamudul Islam Chowdhury is causing a stir on social media as a magnificent doctor, famous for his humanitarian contributions to his society, his kindness to patients, his exemplary influence in raising health awareness among rural populations and his attempts to provide free medicines to people in need, entrepreneurship in planning and founding of “YOUNGSTAR HEALTH CLUB” which becomes a blessing for rural people in health awareness. People honored him as ‘DOCTOR OF HUMANITIES’. For these contributions, he received the World Star for Quality Leadership Award 2019, which reflects his worth.

Dr Mahamudul Islam Chowdhury devotes his precious time and countless efforts to saving patients infected with covid-19. He treats patients infected with covid-19 with the utmost care while working as a doctor at Chittagong General Hospital, a dedicated covid-19 hospital in Bangladesh. Dr Mahamudul is the head and physician of the covid isolation unit at Chittagong General Hospital. Previously, his appointment was at Binajuri trade union sub-center in Raozan upazilla, Chittagong in 2019, then transferred to Cox bazar sadar hospital in 2020.

He is a well-known musical artist. His latest album “healing lifestyle” is available on amazan music. His songs caused a sensation on social networks. He has also written books on healthy living.

Many influential national and international print publications such as Jugantar, daily star, prothom-alo, isingbd and others have published news about him which reflects the reality of his status as an uplifting musical artist as well as a friendly doctor with the people. patients.

Dr Mahamudul Islam Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi citizen by birth, born May 21, 1991 into a respected family of Nur Mohammad Chowdhury and Begum Shahajahan. Later, the ambitious young Mahamudul Islam Chowdhury moved to the town of Sylhet to pursue higher education. He successfully obtained the graduate degree “Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)” in 2015 from Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College, CCD (on diabetes) and CMU (on ultrasound).

The wise say: “Fortune favors the brave”. He believed the saying, focused on his career, and continued to do humanitarian work that revealed his humanity inside. With his exceptional lifestyle and inspirational contributions that deserve growing popularity across the globe, he has become the news of many notable national and international print publications.


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