Guide: Where to Find All Musical Notes in Rustler – All Musical Note Locations


Improve Guy’s musical skills by finding all the notes with our Rustler guide

If you’re aiming for the platinum trophy in GTA inspiration Cattle thief, you’re going to have to hunt down some collectibles.

There are three types of collectibles in Rustler: Weapons, Horseshoes, and Musical Notes. In this Rustler guide, we’ll take a look at the musical note locations in Rustler. If you need the Rustler Horseshoe locations, you can find them in our another Rustler guide.

Before continuing below to find the locations of the musical notes, you should know that you need to complete part of the story before you can collect them all.

On the first island in the game (there are only two islands) there are three musical notes to collect. The other six are on the second island, which you can’t access until you reach a certain point in the story where Guy and Buddy have the paperwork to cross the bridge. You can’t cross the bridge without first hitting this beat of the story.

It’s also worth noting that the musical note locations in our Rustler guide have been numbered in the most efficient order to collect them. So my recommendation is that you don’t collect any until you unlock the second island and then you can do it all in one 10 minute session.

Use this card and reference it to the images below. (Excuse the blatant watermarks, but there are thieves who steal the hard work of others.)

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All Musical Note Locations in Rustler

Musical note # 1

musical note slot 1

The first note is in the first city of the game between the buildings to the left of the church.

Musical note # 2

musical note slot 2

The second musical note is hollow and fairly easy to find.

Musical note # 3

musical note slot 3

Number 3 is next to a large boulder on the shore of the first island.

Musical note n ° 4

musical note 4 location

The fourth musical note is on the second island, and it’s basically opposite where the number 3 was.

Musical note # 5

musical note 5 location

Go up to the northern part of the map and follow the beach until you find the fifth musical note.

Musical note # 6

musical note 6 location

The sixth note is outside the second city in a field to the north.

Music Note # 7

musical note 7 location

Lucky number seven can be found in the courtyard of some buildings. Find the opening on the side and you’ll be a note closer to completion.

Musical note # 8

location musical note 8

The eighth note is inside the second city but in the second part of it. Go down south and stay to the right and you will get your penultimate note.

Music Note # 9

musical note 9 location

The ninth and final musical note is at the laundry service called… The Fellowship of the Rinse. A very fitting name, in fact, after this trip around the world.

And There you go. The nine musical notes and their locations. Thank us by giving us a Follow on Twitter and Youtube!


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