Is Biden a President for All?

Whether you voted for him or not, you could give Joe Biden a little slack.
The new president faces serious problems after the most controversial election since the days of Abe Lincoln.
He promised to be a president for all Americans. He made the union of the nation one of his top priorities as a candidate.
With his 1st decrees, he made his task 10 times more difficult.
I feel for him. He must walk a fine line between the moderates in his party and the hard socialist left.
In his first decrees, Biden already complicates the task. His lineup of political dominoes will destroy his credibility with the moderates and conservatives of Lexington County if he ever had one.
He signed more than a dozen executive orders on his first day in office.
This includes powder keg elements like race relations, LGBTQ fairness, immigration, and the global warning. He will earn few friends here by canceling tax cuts and raising taxes to fund utopian dreams.
Executive orders cover:
• Systemic Racism: Biden aims to end racism and other barriers to opportunity. How does he plan to do this?
• Reverse Patriotic Education: Biden thinks it’s crazy. He wants diversity training and doesn’t believe socialist indoctrination is happening in public schools.
• LGBTQ rights: Biden will ensure that Title VII is interpreted as prohibiting “discrimination in the workplace on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity”.
• The border wall: Biden will stop work on the wall and end “tough immigration enforcement” on illegals.
• Student loans: Biden wants the Education Department to suspend interest and principal payments until September 30. Are you betting that the total loan cancellation comes next? And you, as the taxpayer, will pay it.
• Census count: Biden will end Trump’s efforts to exclude undocumented immigrants. This means that more of your federal taxes will go to indebted blue states with heavy illegal immigration.
• Ban on Muslims: Trump has banned potential terrorists from several countries in the Middle East. Biden will reopen the door. It promises to put many of us at risk.
• End WHO Withdrawal: Trump was removing us from the World Health Organization incompetent and in love with China. Biden will embrace the WHO even if they haven’t been up to it.
• Paris Climate deal: Trump took us out of the deal because none of the other nations kept their promises. It doesn’t matter to Biden. He will join the Good Ol ‘Boys Club.
Roll back deregulation: Biden wants to go back to Obama’s heavy regulations and a sluggish economy. He will tell federal agencies to reverse Trump’s regulatory relief that has boosted our economy and brought back thousands of jobs in the United States.
• Keystone XL Pipeline: Say goodbye to thousands of jobs, hydraulic fracturing and other fossil fuel production. Hello, solar and wind fraudsters who want your taxes.
Biden says he wants to be “president for all Americans.” It doesn’t look like it.
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