Krishna on International Youth Day 2021


Having a young population is a great asset for our country, because the dreams and aspirations of young people are the engine of our progress. As we know, change can take time, especially when it is societal or systemic in nature, but the young mind is most receptive and can help drive the change we need as a nation.

I learned early in my career with songs like “Kaisa Mera Desh” that when you hit a nerve or express a feeling that is widely felt by young people, in an art form they relate to, like hip music. -hop, this can elicit a powerful reaction. We have seen many cases in the recent past, like the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, where young people have been instrumental in initiating important conversations and dialogues that are now pushing for reform.

Bringing together the youth of the county and harnessing their power is perhaps easier said than done, because even though we are one nation, ideologies and mindsets differ across regions and social strata. But this is where I feel art forms like music and film play an important role. As a rapper, I know our lyrics carry weight and young people listen to us, so it becomes imperative to get our listeners to think for themselves and not be swayed by stigma or pressure from society. .

50 percent of India’s population is said to be under 25 and yet the average cabinet age of our government, although an improvement over previous years, is still 58, which leaves a lot to be desired. in terms of young, progressive politicians taking the reins of this country. It is important that we, as a young country, come together and make choices that will shape our future, whether in terms of electing the right representatives, fighting systemic corruption, eradicating social inequalities, etc. .

As a rapper, I’ve used my pen and voice before to raise awareness, but I feel like a lot more is needed in our community. Hip-hop was a form of music designed to combat oppression and is perhaps the most powerful musical genre to educate young people.

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