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Walker’s “Sound for Silents” event returns with artist FPA set to perform her newly-written compositions alongside three short films on August 19 at Walker’s Field.

Frances Priya, also known as FPA, is this year’s featured artist for the Walker Art Center “Sound for Silents” event. Priya is a multidisciplinary artist from Minneapolis. Photo courtesy of Frances Priya.

Local Minneapolis multidisciplinary artist, FPA, aka Frances Priya, is this year’s featured artist for the Walker Art Center’s “Sound for Silents” event. Now in its fifth year, the program commissions artists to create new original scores for several selected silent films.

Drawing on three works from the Ruben / Bentson Moving Image Collection, FPA will perform their newly composed scores during a live screening of the films on Walker’s Hill. Scheduled for August 19, FPA will perform his scores for “Sound for Silents” alongside Patrick Horigan (keyboards, guitar), Madison Hallman (vox), Jon Lindquist (percussion) and DeCarlo Jackson (trumpet, bass).

The shorts to be screened will be “Jefferson Circus Songs” by Suzan Pitt, “Bowling Alley” by Shu Lea Cheang and “Horizontal Boundaries” by Pat O’Neill.

From its unique flow and delivery to its dreamy lo-fi production, FPA’s sound is all its own. Her 2019 self-produced debut album “Yang Chen” delivers a lush and relaxed listening experience across the project’s eight tracks. Her second album, “Princess Wiko”, is due out in the fall of 2021.

FPA spoke with A&E about their process of creating music for Walker’s selected films.

Where do you start when you get started on a project like this?

I started with chords and chord structures to develop the type of mood for each video and each scene in each video. I think harmony is really important in setting the mood, and I think that’s something that I probably go to first and then everything else is secondary.

How does creating music for a project like this differ from the approach you took to creating your album?

I think my own album is really mine, top to bottom, and I feel like it’s more of a collaboration thing. I feel like I’m adding another element to something that’s already created, so I don’t feel like I can do what I want. I can do what the universe is already there, but I can’t just create a whole new world.

Which of the films did you find the most inspiring to compose as a composer?

I guess “Horizontal Boundaries” or “Jefferson Circus”. It’s probably a link between them. The “horizontal boundaries” that I like just because it’s really beautiful, a lot of landscape images and things like that are really fun to watch.

As a Minneapolis local, how does it feel to partner with a city staple like the Walker?

I am grateful for the experience. It’s always nice to do something like this. I think for me, whether it’s the Walker or whatever, it’s just cool to be able to compose movies, especially the ones that are super interesting, vibrant, and beautiful.

What kind of experience do you hope to create for your audience members?

I just hope they feel something, I think that’s the point of this. Yes, for entertainment of course, but I want them to feel as much as possible in 50 minutes.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length

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