Matt Rhule’s Desert Island Musical Artist is Dave Matthews Band

Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule revealed that he asked NFL Draft candidates which artist they would choose if they were stranded on an island and could only listen to one. Then he had to answer the question himself, and his answer revealed a lot. Rhule claimed that Dave Matthews Band was his choice, but his choice for his favorite song drew contempt from NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano.

Here’s what Rhule said that triggered Siciliano:

There is a lot to dissect here. First off, Rhule is 46, so her love for Dave Matthews makes sense. He was probably in college when they broke up in 1994 with the release of Under the table and dreaming. This all leads.

That said, picking “You & Me” as the Dave Matthews Band’s favorite song is rubbish. It’s not close to the best work of the group, although there may be a personal connection to Rhule. Judge by yourself :

As mentioned in this clip, “Gray Street” is far superior:

Siciliano is also wrong here. “Granny” is a good song, “40” is correct, “The Stone” is better and “Seek Up” is the best option he has offered.

But none of the songs he mentioned are the best work of the band. Songs like “Ants Marching”, “Two Step” and “Jimi Thing” are far superior to any mentioned. Here’s “Ants Marching” live at Red Rocks:

And “Two steps” of crash:

“Granny” or “You & I” as the best song of the group? Fuck from here. I will fight you for this.

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