Md. Farhad: Bangladeshi entrepreneur and musical artist

Md Farhad is a young singer from Bangladesh Without a doubt, he stole the hearts of thousands of people with his mysterious voice and his confidence.

He has built up a huge fanbase all over the country. Meanwhile, Spotify authorities have made him a verified artist. His songs make the public happy.

He can sing beautiful songs without learning music institutionally. From an early age, he was drawn to music. In his spare time, he almost practiced music. When he was with friends, teachers and his mother. He was born on June 4, 1999 in the Narayanganj district of Bangladesh.

Md Farhad

Can you talk about your musical journey, “Md. Farhad” said: As a child, I listened to TV, movies and music from various artists and sang under the inspiration of my mother. started my musical journey as a disc jockey (DJ) in 2017.

However, I am now a Bangladeshi musician, rapper and musician. I was born in a Muslim family. I feel lucky because my mother always supports me.

“Maryland. Farhad” added I know I appreciate the love my fans give me. It inspires me to work harder in my music. However, I now spend free time singing covers and other songs come to the front of my voice.

Md Farhad

Pray for me so that I can continue with songs in Bengali and give you new gifts. Listen to Bangla songs and stay pure.

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