Meet Island Banks, a multi-genre musical artist who is “making tracks” to take over house music

Banks is a real kickstarter among the Essex music community. He has entertained them since he was a little boy. He spent most of his teenage years singing his heart out, and it was all thanks to the support of his family. His father introduced him to the insightful world of hip hop.

Hip-hop icons at the time were Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dre, etc. His brothers and sisters also had their musical tastes from which he drew his interpretation. One was affiliated with Pop, while the other seemed to enjoy smooth R&B. He became so well placed that by age 17 he had written his own music.

Bank’s pilgrimage to make a name for himself

While he continued to shine in his local performances and demos, he was scouted by a few major stars. They collaborated on songs that would eventually be featured on TV and popular local TV stations.

Realizing how resourceful he had turned out to be, Banks felt the need to shape his brand. He took some time off the stage and later resurfaced as Island Banks. His comeback was graced with two hit singles that took him to a whole new level.

By this time he had also identified his main genre, which would be the British garage. It was a good choice, and the mass response was clear proof of that. The excellent feedback from garage legend Mark Hill, who produced Craig Davids’ 2001 debut album, was a real assurance.

Notable Bank Achievements

Island Banks has a trophy to show off. One of the highlights of his career was when he won the “Make you Famous” radio contest, thanks to his hit song “See you again”.

Her first song was selected as the intro track for BBC Essex Radio. He had a few performances in major avenues. Some of the most notable of these include; Sx Festival, Embassy club London and Channel U as well as local spots.

Banks have a lot going on. He gave a hint of his upcoming projects which include;

  • A house single, “Play it cool” signed by Perfect Havoc Records
  • Multiple features with famous in-house producers
  • Collaborations with artists on new tracks to come


Island Banks is definitely an artist to consider. His determination to put the house and garage genres in a position for better ratings is evident. Let us gather behind him and have our minds enlightened.

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