Meet Shannon M. Hurley, the emerging musical artist whose songs reflect your spirit

“The real beauty of music is that it connects people; it carries a message, and we musicians are the messengers,” famous American composer Roy Ayers once said. Indeed, the healing properties of music have long been an integral part of the human experience, permeating cultures across millennia and uniting people through sweet melodies and uplifting rhythms. Today, music is more accessible than ever, as 21st century streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music reach audiences of over 400 million combined monthly users. With more music than ever available at the touch of a screen, the endless possibilities of the modern music scene beg the all-important question: what can I tune into? For many music enthusiasts, the answer is clear with the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Shannon M. Hurleywhose multifaceted sound and versatile style have connected the singer with listeners around the world, with nowhere to go but up. Growing up, Hurley always had a passion for music and lyrics, starting to sing as soon as she could talk and beginning to write her own songs at the age of 9. But for Hurley’s family, the singer’s inherent talents came only naturally. Hurley’s ancestor, Robert Burns, wrote the New Year’s classic Auld Lang Syne, a ballad that is an integral part of the holiday festivities. While Hurley’s own renditions are more suited to a modern radio station than Yuletide lore, Hurley’s direct relationship with Burns only makes his musical destiny all the more clear, as music literally runs through his blood. .

When it comes to her own music, the New York-based singer considers versatility and adaptability to be major assets. Between recording dance-pop renditions of classic hip-hop songs (like Hurley’s buzzing cover of rap superstar Drake’s “Practice” featuring Ryan Donovan, which racked up tens of thousands of plays on spotify) , releasing his personally written tracks or collaborating with the hottest DJs of the moment, Hurley gracefully navigates genres with finesse, seamlessly shifting from sound to sound without missing a beat. Hurley’s songwriting process is just as wonderfully eclectic as her latest releases, recording on her phone when she feels inspired, then sending the first cuts to closely collaborating producers to flesh them out and find just the right vibe for each individual track. , regardless of genre. Although the beats behind it may change, it’s Hurley’s self-penned lyrics that really grab the ears and hearts of his ever-growing audience. With fans regularly telling her that listening to her music feels like the singer is in their head, Hurley cites the deep connection with her listeners as one of the most rewarding parts of the job. Such an overwhelmingly positive response to her tracks pushed her to pursue her creativity even further and amplified her ambition to succeed – a characteristic motivation best embodied by the empty spot on Hurley’s wall, left waiting and perfectly spaced for adapt to the Billboard music plate that she feels in her bones that she will acquire one day.

After years of networking in the music industry, Hurley is finally ready to get started as a singer, as her highly anticipated track ‘Waste the Night Away’ with British artist Tim Moyo was released on November 26. and another. collaborations by the duo have recently aired on BBC Radio. The multi-talented singer, who also has a degree in physics under her belt, is also working on a new commercial jingle with Run DMC’s Darryl McDaniels and recording new music with Room 380 from Manhattan’s Penthouse Studios, demonstrating just how far Hurley’s versatility can stretch without fail. Although she takes all the time she needs to nurture her fledgling career, Hurley’s signature adaptability and deep connection with her audience set her up for long-term success, making Shannon Mr. Hurley one of the most exciting artists in the world. moment to watch in the future — with a Billboard musical plaque bearing Hurley’s name, hopefully soon.

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