Meet Shiv, the singer and musical artist everyone is talking about

The young talent’s euphonic sound fueled by his moving lyrics brought him to the forefront of the music industry.


It’s so surreal to know and learn about all these people and professionals who make sure to go beyond boundaries in order to reach their highest potential and the next level of success in everything they do. choose to do in their careers and endeavors in life. It is therefore essential to shed more light on the successes of these individuals so that the world knows their genius and how, drawing on their passion and determination, they paved their own path to success. The music industry has so far produced some of the best such talent in the world; among them, one name that has been making a lot of noise lately is a young talent named Shiv, who only started his musical journey in 2019 and still managed to excel in the field.

Before getting into music, Shiv was in the film business, where he wrote scripts for his college film festival. His writing skills had turned the heads of many, and so at the insistence of one of his friends, he jumped into the music world, which later led him to write his song” WHEN I WAS 18″. It’s the first song of his career, about a boy’s feelings for a girl he loved most from the bottom of his heart when he was 18. It’s in the melodic electro-pop genre, and the lyrics are catchily written to sound more relevant to listeners, especially heartbroken teenagers. It was released in October 2021 by him and his team Gaurav Dalai aka Audio Doctor, and Mandy.

After the success of this song and the realization of his next song Smashing the Door, which will be released in mid-June, Shiv has faced multiple challenges on his way, including the split in his music production team. However, to keep up with the musical game, he is now working with Tracer Music aka Nikhil, a music producer with whom he worked on the latest “Playboy”. The pandemic had also encountered several obstacles in its path, but Shiv continued to hone his singing, performing and songwriting skills and studied the markets to understand the taste of music young people want.

Shiv (@theshivmusic) is now looking forward to his song Smashing the Door and another catchy song from the Playboy club. He wants to represent himself in the international music markets and conquer the hearts of millions of people.

Discover his songs on THESHIVMUSIC, his official YouTube channel.

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