Music: New album from musical artist group Whale In The Pond

Whale In The Pond is causing a stir in the city, as well as in India, as they ride on the back of their performance at the NH7 Weekender earlier this month in Meghalaya. Incidentally, Meghalaya has a very personal connection to founder Sourjyo Sinha, who comes from Silchar in Assam but spent most of her childhood in Shillong. “It was completely surreal and overwhelming, because I grew up there and going back as a performer is kind of special for me,” says the guitarist, who is also the lead singer of the band.

The multilingual group, known for their dreamy folk genre, sings in English and Sylheti, a Bengali dialect spoken in the pockets of Assam, and are in the process of releasing their second EP, in the coming weeks. Giving enthusiasts a taste of their music, they recently released the album’s first song titled Aaij Bhagle Kalke Amra Nai, which has a catchy melody and is in the Sylheti dialect. They plan to work on a few more in the near future.

Whale of a time
With a name like Whale In The Pond, we were obviously intrigued and couldn’t help but wonder what inspired him. Oddly enough, we were told that the story can be found in Silchar. Sourjyo tells us that he was inspired by the pond next to his house for the name, because like all creative mothers, his mom told him there was a huge whale in it. This idea has stuck with him ever since.

The group, formed in late 2016, has three other members: Shireen Ghosh, Deep Phoenix and Sagnik Samaddar. While Sourjyo and Shireen met after creating a 25-song music production in college, an artist encounter by Chaitown Creatives led them to Deep, who also performs solo, and later they were joined by keyboardist Sagnik. All being multi-instrumentalists, they use different gear for their songs. These include the guitar, mandolin, melodica flute and even the percussion instrument, the glockenspiel!

While their debut EP Marbles in 2017 was described as “airy, indie and mellow,” their second, we’re told, will be a cocktail of upbeat and dark tones. Some of the tracks to watch out for are Where Is Your Heart ?, The Night’s End, Kite / Loon, Nova and finally, Aaij Bhagle Kalke Amra Nai.

Currently, the group is juggling work on their EP with a concert that is in preparation at the Forever Poetry studio in Gariahat.

Listen to Aaij Bhagle Kalke Amra Nai here

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