New release from teenage musical artist Cian Dwyer


Newtown’s Cian Dwyer has been making music for just over a year and released his latest offering “Rosemary Thyme” last week.

ian (15) has released a total of two tracks over the past few months, all created during the lockdown.

The teenager’s biggest musical influences include Kanye West, The Weeknd, Nina Simone, John Coltrane and Duke Ellington for his musical style, and artists like Hozier, Leonard Cohen and David Keenan for his lyrical inspiration.

“I don’t really know why exactly,” Cian said, when asked about the reasons he started making music. “I’ve been trying to think about it for a while. I think I just had something to say or show. It’s almost like an itch that you just have to scratch.

He worked with an American guitarist he met online, and Cian became interested in his guitar playing and sampling people like Tyler the Creator.

They got in touch and worked together on the track “Where the heights are Low”, which is the second track uploaded by Cian.

The internet played a role in Cian’s creative process. He said that otherwise he would not have met or could not have contacted his collaborator.

Being online also helps young people
musician to reach listeners around the world.

When asked if he thinks anyone can create, he said he believes there is no fixed bar for creativity and that anyone can and will create things.

“Even if some things are holding you back, you can still achieve your goals,” said Cian, who mentioned Christy Brown (of ‘My Left Foot’) as an example of someone who achieved their goals even with their physical limitations.

Her creative inspiration comes in times with a sparkle or spark of creativity and all the time between the beginning and the end is anything that is creative is more of an experience than anything else.

Even relying on material used in other people’s previous works can lead to some incredibly unique pieces of artistic expression, Cian said, because it’s completely different and new depending on the person, even if you’re building it in part. on something else.

He doesn’t remember when he made his first track, but he does remember that it wasn’t scrapped and ended up being converted and edited into what we now know as Midnight Vanguard.

He also believes that the creative process is never like a light bulb and that it takes time to create something.

Cian also works under the alias ‘TODO’.

“I think Cian Dwyer is more of a personal statement while TODO is more of a collective vague idea,” he said.

He is currently using TODO for his latest project ‘TODOTheFashion’. Her clothing line is available at

He and his new track were released on Friday October 15th.

Other projects are coming soon.

When asked if the greatest arts come from the darkest times, Cian’s answer is manifold.

“I don’t think it comes from specifically dark or happy experiences. Luggage comes from the past. It all depends on personal experience, you can’t point a finger at a person and say you haven’t had a dark experience, so you’re not as good as the next person, but in many cases, some of the most aspired and motivated artists have been those who have had tragic lives.

Any experience, he said, can be turned into something creative or expressive.


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