New York Governor Cuomo says President Trump has put politics above public health throughout the pandemic

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a scathing critique of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic on Monday, saying he had denied the reality of the situation from day one:

“He said it doesn’t exist, it will disappear, at Easter we will be reopened, it will disappear like a miracle. It didn’t go away, there was no miracle – he denied the reality.

—Andrew Cuomo

“The federal government,” Cuomo said at a press briefing, “is grossly negligent.”

A key factor, according to Cuomo, is that Trump is putting a political agenda on public health policy.

“It’s politically awkward in an election year, so he’s denying it,” he said. “Except you are endangering public health and losing lives through your denial and your political agenda.”

Cuomo reminded reporters that Trump issued a federal declaration of emergency regarding COVID-19 in March, but has since left it to each state to manage the crisis. “If you issue a federal emergency, that means it’s a federal emergency, and who controls a federal emergency? The federal government. That’s why you have the word ‘federal’ in all these phrases,” he said.

Now Trump is “attacking science” and his own health care experts, the governor said, referring to Trump’s retweet on Sunday of two tweets from former game show host Chuck Woolery, who now hosts a conservative podcast .

Woolery, best known for his appearances on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘Love Connection’, has accused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the media, Democrats, doctors and others of telling ‘outrageous lies’ on the pandemic to harm Trump. chances of re-election. Cuomo, as he spoke, showed a photo of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the highly respected longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who the White House appears to be looking to blame.

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“Now he’s saying his own CDC officials are lying about the virus — his own CDC health officials!” Cuomo said. “Trump’s COVID-19 scandal makes [President Richard] Nixon’s Watergate scandal looks innocent.

No one died in the Watergate scandal, Cuomo observed.

Cuomo issued an emergency health order on Monday that will require travelers from states experiencing spikes in COVID-19 cases to complete a locator form before leaving the airport, or face a summons and a fine of $2,000. The order will be enforced at all airports in the state and travelers will be required to say where they are coming from and where they are going.

The move comes after New York ordered travelers from states with high caseloads to self-quarantine for 14 days, an order it conceded was not fully complied with.

Travelers from Georgia have infected New Yorkers in at least one county. “We cannot be in a situation where people from other states in the country bring the virus back,” the governor said. “It’s that simple.”

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