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The level of talent and enthusiasm at the second day of the OPPO Bangalore Times Fresh Face 2017 auditions for the College presidency reached an all-time high when students from various professional studies departments showcased their singing skills, dancing, b-boying, beatboxing and even a ramp. With the DJ mixing punchy beats, the emcee Raja pointing out the participants on stage and the famous judge, actor and artistic director Avinash Narasimharaju criticizing every act, this audition proved to be a performance powerhouse.
As the soulful Bollywood act of first participant Konika Sarkar raised expectations for the show, Mohammed Ahad performed a touching dance number to the famous Sufi song, Afreen afreen. And from there, a plethora of movement acts and performing arts kept the audience captivated and entertained throughout the evening. For the jury who judged the performance, it was a difficult task to come up with a list of six finalists, as each participant who took the stage had something unique to offer. Among the best, the performances of Rahul Kumar, Abdul Rehman, Ayush Lal, Tushar CR, Moieen Pasha and Srinija deserve a mention.
Cut off in the quiz round, Avinash posed a few off the cuff and interesting questions of those who made it to the final round, encouraging them to think and maintain the perfect balance between their physical and mental abilities.
Simran Sinha was declared the winner for the girls, followed by Jampana Srineela in first place and Priya Raj in second. Siddharth Rajan was announced the winner for the boys and Shreyes Bhatnagar and Akash Vincent respectively first and second finalists.

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