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NELLORE: Nine years later, Neurology-on-Wheels continues to provide quality treatment to patients with neurological disorders in rural areas. Renowned neurologist Dr. Bindu Menon started the initiative in 2013. Since then, Neurology-on-Wheels has carried out numerous medical campaigns across the district and provided free medication to patients. The neurologist has raised public awareness about epilepsy, stroke, brain and other neurological disorders, especially the rural population. The foundation headed by Bindu Menon has so far carried out health checkups for more than 10,000 rural residents in 32 villages. She treated 91 diabetes cases, 122 stroke cases and 96 untreated epilepsy cases.

Bindu Menon Foundation provided medicine to 54 children with epilepsy, residing at Pragathi Charities. “I started this journey in 2008 by leading awareness programs in colleges. However, with each interactive program, I realized that there was low awareness of risk factors and symptoms of stroke. This prompted us to prepare brochures and booklets for our future programs, which incorporated comprehensive stroke information. I have carried out 186 such awareness programs for over 35,000 people so far,” said the neurologist.

The foundation has also started organizing monthly camps for patients living below the poverty line. Initially it started with 23 patients, and now they have over 200 patients. “We have completed 100 camps so far,” she added.

With the motto “We reach, we teach and we treat”, the foundation identifies a village by random selection. Then the team asks the sarpanch to inform ASHA, Anganwadi workers and ANMs of their plan as they are the locally trained health educators. Then, the foundation conducts an awareness program encouraging villagers to come to the camp. The lecture is tailored to stroke risk factors, symptom recognition and the role of regular medication adherence. Later, a free medical camp is held where screening and detection of hypertension, diabetes and strokes are performed. They assess patients and counsel them based on the risk factor.

Bindu Menon has created a mnemonic for stroke symptoms in Telugu, which will be played at medical camps. “This initiative is the first of its kind in the country. The mnemonic is written in musical notes, which is understandable to the public. Each musical note has a symptom of stroke in Telugu. It has become popular with the public,” said the founder of Neurology-on-Wheels.

She also launched a mobile application for epilepsy patients. The application will help patients to enter all their personal medical data. He also has a seizure diary. It also reminds patients of the dosage of their medications.
Bindu Menon has received several awards for his services. She received the Mridha Spirit of Neurology Award from the American Academy of Neurology and the American Brain Foundation in 2022. She is a recipient of the 2022 American Academy of Neurology AB Baker Teacher Recognition Award and Lions Club International President’s Appreciation Certificate and Governor’s Appreciation Award in 2021. The World Stroke Organization conferred on him the title of Fellowship of the World Stroke Organization (FWSO) in 2021.

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