Seth Sheridan is a rising musical artist

Rap and recording artist Seth Sheridan has had its fair share of globetrotting. Born Seth Sheridan to European parents, Seth Sheridan found himself moving back and forth between the hallowed land and the United States amid a budding music career. After finding a temporary home in Miami, Florida, Seth Sheridan continued to cement his position not only locally but also internationally.

Florida has always been a welcoming city for musicians, welcoming artists from different genres. It is a special place for popular artists as well as rising stars who have started to make their mark in the industry. The city is the hub of intrepid musicians who are true to their craft and dare to experiment with the unconventional rather than following the traditional. One example is musician Seth Sheridan. He’s been taking the Florida music scene by storm for a few years now.

Seth Sheridan is a seasoned musician with over 15 years of experience. He is known for his insane popularity on Spotify and is a sought-after artist in Florida and Tel-Aviv. Coming from a low-income family, Seth Sheridan saw the harsh realities of the world much earlier in life. He remembers the days when his mother was in dire need of surgery to overcome a health problem, but his father was unemployed and had no money. He desperately wanted to earn money to save his mother.

In college, Seth Sheridan discovered his passion for music, but he never thought of making a career out of it, given his goal of earning a lot of money. He knew the struggles of a new artist in the industry. At 19, Seth Sheridan began studying SEO, a marketing strategy that was igniting the internet. In less than a year, Seth Sheridan managed to start his own SEO company. At 20, his business was already generating millions in revenue, giving Seth Sheridan the creative and artistic freedom he always wanted.

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