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We sew! admitted laughing Kartik Shah. They get works from Mumbai, Kutch, Delhi, Pune, Jaisalmer, Guwahati, Meghalaya, in addition to London, Karachi, Peshawar, Paris, New York, Auckland, Boston, Toronto and by the time this article comes out, a lot more places around the world will be added to their list.

No, they are neither embroiderers nor quilters. They are Maati Baani’s gang. They are musicians with no particular genre. “That’s why we call it ‘World Music’,” explained Nirali Kartik.

Maati Baani group is based in Mumbai with artists from all nukkads around the world. The name of the group itself is self-explanatory – Maati Baani, which means voice or language of the land. Their clips have performers or collaborators, as Nirali and Kartik prefer to call musicians, from all over the world, from different cultures and landscapes, with different languages, joining hands to form a unique music group where the performers have come together. very rarely encountered. each other except via Skype!

And this is the reason for not adhering to a particular genre. It has Hindustani classical vocal music provided by Nirali who is a disciple of Mewati gharana, who is today known for his famous singer Pandit Jasraj. Kartik, the guitarist, admits to being a “self-taught Internet” guitarist. He is the group’s main composer and songwriter. The husband-wife duo, both in their 30s, form the core of Maati Baani.

At present, 70 artists – singers like folk singers, pop singers, rappers, street performers, instruments like flute, sitar, harmonium, trumpet, clarinet, violin, rabab, drum, keyboardists as well as lyricists from India and 20 different countries joined hands. It is therefore natural that the group is represented by different cultures, sounds, languages, voices, and is a mixture of Hindustani classic plus jazz, funk, rock, lounge, ambient and everything that one can think of the world of the music.

None of the musicians involved is a renowned artist from their country. They are Youtube superstars who love music and enjoy it.

Kartik says, “We all love our music and we aim to make others enjoy music not just limited to one genre. So, in a song, we hear classic Indian, Rajasthani folk, jazz from France, rap from Pakistan, and so on.

So if there is a song like ‘Tore Mataware Naina’, French jazz artist JoyShanti starts off with beautiful French verses and Kartik picks it up on his guitar with Nirali coming up with the Indian verses of ‘Tore Mataware Naina’ . The surprising element of the song, besides JoyShanti, is the street flute vendor Naushad playing the flute as filler, and Basheer the cotton carder (old-fashioned cotton bed maker), who keeps the rhythm with his carder! They are a real novelty.

There’s another song, ‘Lagan lagi re’, shot on the New York subway. There is a “saw lady” Natali Paruz, with her very unique instrument, a carpenter’s saw and a metal bow, sitting on the platform and playing. Natali is perhaps the only artist in the world who currently plays this old traditional instrument. The video for this song is really intriguing. The background is the subway, and besides the “saw lady” there are other performers: a bassist, light dancers from New York, folk singers and a double flute player from Kutch, a saxophonist, trumpeters and drummers. With Nirali singing from the classic and Mooralal Marwada the folk singer, giving him the touch of Rajasthani folk music, the song is sparkling.

The procedure for creating a song is very simple but very complicated and time consuming. Kartik and his team of sound engineers are exploring the Internet and Youtube to focus on musicians whose sound they love and want others to hear. They then try to contact them. Once again, the Net comes to their aid: social networks, e-mails, Skype and of course telephones are used. Once the contact is established, then the explanation. The tricky part comes when there is the language barrier. Although most know and can decipher English, some in remote areas of Japan and Russia know very little English.

“We had a funny experience when we tried to contact a musician from Tokyo. Although we made him understand the reason we contacted him, when we sent him the scores to record he couldn’t figure it out and gave us a totally different version of what we wanted. Even the interpreter couldn’t help much. Then Nirali sang a few passages, I played guitar and in a way we managed to make him understand, ”Kartik remembers.

Next is the video shoot portion of the each person section. Kartik and company are looking for good audio and video teams near the artists and record their performance. There are consultations, discussions, shoots and reruns. When each serving is received by the Mumbai team, the “stitching” of the video begins!

So far, since the formation of the Maati Baani in 2012, they have always released only singles. In the past four years, they’ve released 14 songs. “It takes a lot of work to recruit musicians suited to that particular song,” says Kartik, who comes from the advertising industry. He composed around 250 ad jingles and a few titles of Hindi TV series like Maharana Pratap, Devo ke Dev Mahadev, etc.

In March, the group collaborated with Vivanta Hotels and Resorts by Taj and created The Music Yantra, a music entirely online. In fact, The Music Yantra is the first sponsored program. For Maati Baani, Kartik has put money out of his pocket.

“With more and more sponsors and worldwide recognition for our type of music, we plan to offer more songs,” signed Kartik and Nirali Shah.

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