Shubham Tyagi – Rising Indian based musical artist and music producer


A record or music producer directs and deals with the sound recording and creation of music for a group or artist. A decent factor plays many roles, including the plan, the instrumentation, as a rule, the balance of the instruments in question. A music producer has his ears and eyes constantly tuned in to what’s happening musically in the recording and music industry. He will regularly process his ideas based on what the music industry supports.

Music production in India is a good ground to start your career, and yet it is also very fierce. Above all, you want to limit your decisions and then adhere to a solitary plan to be successful. Music creation is a huge field and different offices are involved in music creation, such as vocal specialists, sound architects, voice organizers, performers, sound mixers, etc.

Shubham Tyagi, a popular Indian music producer, well known by his stage name “Gam3”, has been a prominent musical artist and music producer. He has released his sounds on world renowned music and audio labels like Runemark, Krafted Records and many more.

Gam3 is carving out a place in the industry thanks to its music which is justified by its albums which are ranked in the charts in various genres of electronic music. Mixmag Asia has presented their music in their numbers reliably. His latest collection “Vilupt” was chosen as one of the “20 pearls of 2020” by the magazine.

That year, Gam3’s music was selected as one of the top five dance performances of 2020 by the famous local music district Circle of Love. Animated by Daft Punk, the development of the young craftsman towards electronic music has components of the interpretations of the famous French couple.

Gam3 saw and survived the transformation from house music to techno and other subclassifications. As a “music researcher”, Gam3 tracked down his contribution to melodic house and techno. It was with this classification of music that he won hearts and minds. Experimentation and constant development are the hallmarks of Gam3’s music. Every note, every solid and every beat has a message, an idea and a thought behind it. The coming months will see different arrivals of its different activities, both in performance and in collaboration with some of the best craftsmen in the trade.

Shubham Tyagi aka Gam3 says for the future music producer and artists – “Try not to do it if you do it to be famous, do it if you like it”. This affirmation can be your direction for progress. To be recognized you want top notch music first, and then at this point really great showcasing, audience interest (what’s moving) and so on.


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