Sri Lankan Official Musical Artist Chamith Amalka on the Rise!

Chamith Amalka was born in Avissawella, Sri Lanka in 2004. He is an artist, producer, entrepreneur and blogger. Early in his life he learned to do music production and in 2021 he started his music career. We set up an exclusive blog interview with him to ask him unique questions about his vision.

Who are you really?
I am Chamith Amalka. My full name is Edirisinghe Brahammanalage Chamith Amalka. I am a 17 year old musical artist.

Why did you use your real name for Stage Name?
I use my own name for everything I do, I like it. I hope one day to bring my name to a bigger place in the world. So I will not use any other stage name.

What are your prospects for the future?
* To be the best music producer in Sri Lanka.
* I also hope to pass my musical knowledge on to the children of Sri Lanka.
It is also one of my future hopes.

What are your musical genres?
HipHop, Electronic dance music. Go with the Progressive Electro House that I love the most.

What do you have to say about your current situation?
I am really happy because this music has changed my life, I live thanks to the music. That’s why I love music so much.

Well, what do you hope to do next?
My hope is to create good vibes and move forward.

To know more aboutChamith Amalka does not forget to check hisGoogle Knowledge Panel and to stay informed of its future releases, follow it on social networks:Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music

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