Syed Fardeen talks about his success as a musical artist and producer


“Fardeen Shakil” aka Syed Fardeen (franklin), born and raised in 2002, Syed Fardeen is music producer / singer of The City Ranchi (Jharkhand) A simple way to describe Fardeen would be to say that he is very musical Person with a ever-growing passion for what he would call the sounds of the future. FARDEEN’s passion for music begins at a very young age of 10. During this time he diverted his interest in electronic and desi music and by the time he reached the age of 14 he had the opportunity to learn the art of DJing and rediscover his love of music. music. And Beats, Over time he began to understand what music is. While Fardeen continued to listen to various types of musical genres, from various artists across

Syed fardeen

The globe which inspired him a lot to do something new in music and came across a Daw named Fruty Loops (FL Studio) and Abelton Live.

It is popular in producing Bollywood / Hip Hop songs and other forms of music. It first released its debut in 2020. After a lot of experience and sharpening skills in producing different sounds !! He was introduced to the music industry and released his first romantic soundtrack “Dekh Mujhe Bhi” on various music platforms like Spotify Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Gaana, Wynk, Amazon Music, Jiosaavan and many other international platforms like Deezer, Tidal and Napster. You also get Syed Fardeen’s music from the TikTok library, Instagram, or Facebook.


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