The best musical movies you can watch on Netflix right now

From the eye-catching spectacle of whimsical dance numbers to the catchy lyrics of catchy songs, musical films have stood the test of time as a beloved film genre. Every year musicals come out, sometimes original stories like The greatest showman and The Earth and often based on Broadway shows like In the heights, West Side Story or the next mean girls musical film, allowing even more people to enjoy something that once could only be seen in New York.

Netflix sees a colorful amount of genres ranging from light family movies to mature adult content and everything in between. And among its long selection of films, there are a handful of films perfect for those who want to see people break into song and dance at the most random times. Netflix has produced original musicals and streams other musicals that once played in a theater, arguably where musicals should be viewed – on a giant screen. Its list of musical films does not seem to stop, since it has been announced that the platform will release a cinematic version of 13 the musicalas well as an adaptation of Mathilde the musical. While we wait for the next movies of 2022, here are more musical movies to watch on Netflix.

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7 Anne

Pictures of Colombia

Anne is one of those musicals that everyone who lives above a rock knows and even if you’ve never seen it, you know it’s about a spunky red-haired orphan. The Neverending Story began as a comic strip titled Little orphan Annie then became a Broadway musical. The story has been made into several films, the first – the one on Netflix – premiering in 1982. Life under vicious Miss Hannigan’s care was never fun, but she has been “life is hard”, as Annie and the orphans say. But soon, her life changes for the better when she is invited to spend the holidays at the mansion of a successful billionaire named Oliver Warbucks.

6 hair spray

New line cinema

In 1962, lovable plus-size Tracy Turnblad wanted nothing more than to fulfill her dream of dancing on the Corny Collins Show, while fighting for the rights of the African-American community. With big hair and cupcake dresses, the feel-good movie captures vintage 1960s style and has a soundtrack that could easily put people on their feet. All the while, it teaches a valuable lesson about equality and not judging people by their looks. Based on a 1988 film and a 2003 stage adaptation, hair spray starred Nikki Blonksy in the lead role with an all-star cast including Amanda Bynes, John Travolta, Queen Latifah and then-teenage music icon Zac Efron. It has since been adapted into a live musical show for NBC, with the musical continuing to tour around the world.

5 jingle jangle

jingle-jangle-netflix (1)

Although a Christmas movie, Jingle Jangle can be enjoyed all year round, especially for those who love its songs and dance numbers. Like a story, Journey tells her grandchildren about the time she spent with her grandfather, an inventor. After Keegan-Michael Key’s character Gustasfon steals his ideas, Journey and his friend Edison venture out to fix things. jingle jangle is great for kids and adults alike, capturing the whimsy among kids and the nostalgia factor with actors like Phylicia Rashad and Forest Whitaker.

4 Prom


Over the years, liberalism has made its way into people’s lifestyles, allowing for more freedom and acceptance, but that’s not the case in the small, conservative Indiana town of Prom. The Netflix original film, based on a 2018 musical, follows Emma, ​​a high school girl whose only wish is to dance with her girlfriend at prom. But the school is sent into an opposing uproar, attracting the attention of four stranded Broadway stars, played by Meryl Streep, James Corden, Andrew Rannells and Nicole Kidman. In a desperate need to restore their name to the public eye, they travel across the country to help. With a stellar cast also including Ariana Debose, Keegan-Michael Key and Kerry Washington, the musical is incredibly uplifting with an inspiring moral about accepting people for who they are.

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3 tick, tick… BOOM!


tick, tick… BOOM! was originally written by Jonathon Larson and created as an autobiographical musical. Starring Andrew Garfield in the lead role, the film chronicles Larson’s efforts to write the hit musical To rent, while working in a New York restaurant. To top it off, Jon at the time was dealing with pressure from his girlfriend, his friends, and life in general. The film, directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, was released on Netflix in 2021 and also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Alexandra Shipp and Robin de Jesús with several cameos from famous Broadway actors.

2 Long live

long live

As Moana and EncantoLin-Manuel Miranda had written the music for the 2021 Netflix animated film Long live. Originally slated for a theatrical release in 2020, the film went straight to streaming after the pandemic. Vivo follows a special type of monkey called a kinkajou, voiced by Miranda, who, after the death of her owner, travels to Florida to deliver a love letter. Along the way, he befriends Gabi who vows to help him get the word out to his former owner’s lost love.

1 A week away

one week

a little christian musical high school, A week away follows Will, the troublesome teenager who attends a week-long Christian summer camp after being given the choice to do so or go to jail. A Week Away features popular music from Christian songwriters, as well as original songs. The film also stars Bailee Madison and Sherri Shepherd, and won a Dove Award for Inspirational Film of the Year.


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