The lifestyle of Bangladeshi entrepreneur and musical artist Razikul Rasel

Razikul Rasel is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and musical artist. He is a young and enthusiastic 24-year-old who is also training as a freelance. Razikul Rasel was born on December 24, 1997 in the city of Rajshahi in Bangladesh

When he was born, his parents wanted him to become a great lawyer. He was admitted to his hometown school for early education. His parents worked hard for him to study and meet their educational needs. From childhood he developed his interest in business and singing. His dream was to become a businessman, singing was adopted just for a part-time passion.

From university life, he developed the ability to use computers. He was also interested in graphic design and web networking. Soon in college, He made two great ventures in college life. It helps him start his business and earn money.

Now Razikul Rasel is an icon of the youth. He has huge popularity on social media. His career as a “Musician & Entrepreneur” is a source of inspiration for young people. He is a multi-talented entrepreneur who makes a fruitful contribution to the world thanks to his extraordinary expertise in different fields.

He has a distinct position among other musical artists, graphic designers and writers. His accomplishments are a source of inspiration for young people struggling to achieve their goals and focus their careers. By working as a freelance he supports a huge population as it has enabled them to work from home and earn a living. He also supports his family.

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