The real reason these musical movies failed

In early 2020, just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic forever changed the cinematic landscape, “Dolittle” hit multiplexes around the world. Mark the generalized derision, the project did not have an impact at the box office even before the cinemas closed. Losing tens of millions of dollars to financier and distributor Universal Pictures, “Dolittle” could at least take comfort in the fact that this wasn’t the first time that a film adaptation of this character failed to meet the box’s expectations. office. Over 50 years ago, “Doctor Dolittle” starring Rex Harrison also fell apart financially despite arriving in theaters with tons of hype.

Arriving in the late 1960s, as the classic Hollywood musical was drawing to a close, “Doctor Dolittle” had seen a torturous production on its journey to the big screen. Hollywood journalist notes that the film suffered endless complications on the set which drove its budget to a whopping $ 19 million. When it finally opened its doors to the public, “Doctor Dolittle” disgusted only $ 16 million worldwide, a sum so disastrous that it almost wiped out 20e Century Fox as a studio. While the failure of some box office bombs is attributed to countless factors, the fate of “Doctor Dolittle” is easy to explain – it cost far too much to pay off.

If there was a consolation prize for this gigantic money loser, at least one major Oscar campaign led to the “Doctor Dolittle” rating. several inexplicable Oscar nominations, including one for the best picture.

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