“UMngomezulu Remixes ‘Amapiano’ Trending South African Music Genre in Organic Downtempo House Music”: The Tribune India

Amapiano is one of the most trending music genres in South Africa that falls under Dance music. Thulasizwe Mngomezulu known as UMngomezulu, a DJ/producer who likes to musically explore this well-known genre of music “Amapiano” in his own Deep Melodic House touch. The Johannesburg-based producer from Kwa Zulu Natal began his music career in 2009, releasing music under a “vinyl joint” record store which gave him more experience with different musical cultures. UMngomezulu started producing a lot of Afro, Deep and Tribal House music in its early days in music production, at that time it was well known as Deep Earth.

From resident DJ and sales manager of a record store, his taste for music became very big. The record store was also another platform to find new music tracks. As a DJ and producer these days, there are so many different trending songs which he thinks can also be performed in Deep House music just to reach different fans and make them understand Deep House music better by remixing well-known songs in this niche.

The positive side of Deep House in South Africa is that it has a wider audience, people who appreciate the art, spend time and effort to attend events, such a crowd is very open-minded in matter of music. He remixed an Amapiano song “Intliziyo yami”, which topped his Spotify releases as the number one most streamed song, which made him realize that reaching out to people and exploring music is a very positive thing. to do as a musical artist.

As we start 2022, he is already working on his album which he thinks will reach a wider audience as it explores so many different musical cultures in one form. It will be another way for him to create his own label called “Emotional Music Recordings” by signing his very first album entitled “Remedies From Zululand”. Zululand is where he was born and a cure is what heals, so he believes he will release an album that heals musically.

You can follow UMngomezulu and find out more about him in his social media links below.



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