Young entrepreneur Foyej Ullah is already a verified musical artist from Bangladesh.

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A young entrepreneur Foyej Ullah, musical artist from Bangladesh

Life is like a playground, here you will be lost several times but do not be suspicious all is well ”

– A thousand cries in a single word

DHAKA, BANGLADESH, BANGLADESH, June 17, 2021 / – Foyej Ullah (Born January 10, 2001) is a Bangladeshi musical artist. Aged 20, he was born in Noakhali and raised in Dhaka, he is also an expert in social networks. The 20-year-old was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Presented at the music industry lunch the debut album “Rock Metal zero one” on various music platforms such as Spotify, Future FM, SoundCloud, Shopify, Google play music, Apple iTunes and Amazon music.

Jiosaavn, Deezer. Foyej is a talented young musician. At 18, he shows his talent through his work and his music. Since his childhood he has been trying to do something new in the music industry. He also works for Foyej Officials Media. He has never been frustrated in his job. Very young, he opened a group called Foyej Officials Media. He still believes in his work and his main vision of becoming the greatest artist in Bangladesh.

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